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We all know that the bathroom is the most important part of our home. Renovating your bathroom helps you find inspiration as you might come up with the best idea while showering. You might think that renovating your bathroom means you need to deconstruct it entirely, but it is not true. You can restore or redesign your shower or vanity to experience a new look of your bathroom, with expert help.

Actually, there are also some other benefits, too — Renovation helps you to attach certain components, upgrade the efficiency of energy, etc. If you are considering bathroom renovation Dubai, then make sure to contact Handyman Dubai. We have emerged as the most popular and reliable bathroom renovation service providers in Dubai. If you are on a tight budget, then you do not need to worry as you will find our service is very much affordable.

Trending Bathroom Renovation Dubai Ideas to Try for Your Living Space

Handyman Dubai has set extraordinary standards for crafting luxury, stylish, and functional bathroom renovations. Indeed, our designers and contractors don’t spare the littlest detail in the planning. Transform your bathroom into an aesthetic masterpiece with our years of experience in the field.

Aren’t you sure what bathroom renovation Dubai style should match your space and persona? Don’t worry as our designers will find the most suitable answer to your query. On the other hand, you can visualise how your sanity room will look after a bathroom renovation in Dubai with our 3D rendering technology.

Meanwhile, our experts from bathroom renovation services in Dubai are here with the styles trending around the city. Check them out if you’re looking for inspiration and contact our designers for a planned execution of the remodelling:

Wood and Stone Style Bathroom

Sometimes, replacing the plumbing fixtures and upgrading the storage solution won’t be sufficient for your bathroom to look and feel good. Instead, you can consider a complete makeover from our bathroom renovation service in Dubai.

If you like the ambiance of a spa room then you can bring the idea to your bathroom. All you need is a wood and stone-style bathroom. Enjoy an organic yet contemporary feel with a meticulously derived bathroom design from Handyman Dubai. 

In fact, the style is a top recommendation for those who prefer a blend of eco-friendliness and optimum functionality.

Sleek and Modern Style

Your bathroom is the space where you leave all your worries and stress away. So, we believe that your bathroom’s design should be something that won’t bring clutter to the place. That’s why our bathroom renovation Dubai team thinks that a sleek and modern interior will be the best for your water closet.

As advised by our bathroom designers and renovators, you can consider the following items to keep your space sleek, modern, and minimalist:

  • Smart glass showers
  • Warm wood accents
  • Geometric tiles
  • Sleek wall decors
  • Relevant window treatments
  • Open layouts

On the other hand, our renovators can introduce warm accents and wood styles to make it look refreshed with a touch of vogue finish. So, schedule a consultation with our bathroom renovation service near me and check how beautiful your place can be.

Grey Slate Style

Be it your home or office, nobody can escape from admiring the beauty of a grey slate-styled bathroom. Now, you can readily impress your guests with this modern interior space idea for your bathroom.

Appreciate the natural beauty of slate and incorporate it into your bathroom elegance with our dedicated renovation services. Apart from bringing out the hidden aesthetics, a slate-style bathroom will be perfect for those who want an anti-slip floor. 

On the other hand, our designers recommend applying water-resistant paint to make the renovation style work seamlessly. Reach out to our bathroom renovation service in Dubai and check out what a grey slate water closet can benefit you.

Bright and White

Do you want to stick to the old white and bright style for your bathroom? We think this timeless style will never go out of trend. Indeed, this bathroom style has been a topper since 2019 as it’s easier to incorporate your taste into this specific interior.

The speciality of a white and bright bathroom is that you can make every surface white. Starting from walls and trims to vanity – you can paint everything white. Additionally, your bathroom will look more spacious due to the colour palette. 

Moreover, our bathroom renovation Dubai designers suggest using enough mirrors and equivalent accessories. Indeed, a touch of gold-accent accessories will perfectly blend with your bathroom interior. Call our bathroom renovation service in Dubai and instantly brighten up your space with a white and bright style.

Wall Dividers

Enhancing your bathroom looks is not the only motto of a renovation, we believe. That’s why our bathroom renovation services in Dubai offer different solutions to make your bathroom more functional. 

Are you looking for a simple way to make your bathroom look more functional and spacious? Consider placing wall dividers between 2 toilets or just next to your shower to get a more spacious effect. Installing such wall dividers can efficiently change how your bathroom feels.

On top of that, the bathroom renovation in Dubai won’t take much time as Handyman Dubai knows how to proceed with it. Additionally, they might not require any drilling to create holes. Protect privacy and enhance spaciousness with our bathroom renovation service near me.

Moss Wall Tiles

Do you prefer having an accent wall inside your bathroom too? Boost your bathroom’s glamour by incorporating a living moss wall. Indeed, such walls are easy to craft as moss wall tiles are available in the market.

Moreover, our bathroom renovation Dubai specialists can get those moss wall tiles customised based on your bathroom’s shape, colour, and size. Additionally, they will devise a blueprint design depending on your bathroom’s existing decor.

Be it right next to your bathtub or shower, let our professionals decide whether a moss wall tile is the right enhancement for your bathroom. You can trust their experience of over a decade in the industry for both functional and gorgeous outcomes.

Retro Style

Classic bathroom designs have always been the talk of the town. Now, you can renovate your bathroom with such a timeless retro style. In fact, homeowners are fans of retro styles as they make homes more comfortable and welcoming.

How can you pull up a retro-style bathroom, by the way? According to our bathroom renovation services in Dubai, you can try the following ideas:

  • Consider an old-fashioned bathtub.
  • Moreover, install antique or vintage bathroom fixtures.
  • Furthermore, adding rustic cabinets might be a game changer for your bathroom looks.

Find out which elements have the potential to transform your bathroom into a home during the Victorian era by hiring our bathroom renovation artists.

Services Handyman Dubai Provide to Renovate Bathroom in Dubai 

Most importantly bathroom renovation helps you to turn your bathroom a safe place. If you have children or old people in your family, then consider renovating your bathroom as soon as possible because accidents can happen, anytime.

If you live in Dubai and confused about bathroom design and renovation, then you need to connect with the professionals of Handyman Dubai to make your bathroom a secured place, with no potential accidents. You should not perform DIY hacks as it can damage the look and the design of your bathroom. Handyman Dubai who can help you to renovate your bathroom perfectly. So, get to know about the services that we provide to make your bathroom renovation done successfully.

Provide Best Shower or Tub 

If we find your bathroom has enough space, then we will provide you with both a walk-in shower and the tub. If not, then we will provide you with a shower and tub combo according to your bathroom design.

You might not know, but the selection of the correct enclosure like curtains, glass doors or no doors for your shower and tub combo or only shower is not an easy task. And, our professionals have enough experience to help you select the best choice for your bathroom.

We prefer to provide our customers soft and flexible curtains because these types of materials are said to be very easy to breathe and do not accumulate water, and you can change them easily, whenever you want. If you want to get glass doors for your bathroom, then we will provide the best quality to make you feel more luxurious and spacious.

It can be possible that you want to have an open shower in your bathroom, we will craft a perfect doorless shower for you. We will make sure that the surface of your shower is waterproof and you don’t have to face difficulties while bathing.

Provide Best Quality Material

We know the importance of bathroom design as most of the people in Dubai want their bathroom to be luxurious and spacious. Our experts will provide the best quality of stones, tiles and wallpaper according to your bathroom type to make your bathroom look beautiful.

Generally, we provide natural stone for your bathroom surface. That will make your bathroom not only formal but also sophisticated in appearance. If you like to have tiles on your bathroom surface, then our experts will provide you with Subway tiles or handmade tiles like Zellige. We have more such ideas and material that will make your bathroom look ravishing.

It can be possible that you are on a tight budget, then these kinds of tiles are the best alternative options for your bathroom renovation. You do not need to worry about the price as we can guarantee you that you will get these materials at an affordable price. Furthermore, our professionals choose these kinds of tiles as they are very durable in the damp surroundings.

What about wallpapers?

When it comes to wallpaper, we know how to select the best wallpapers according to the bathroom design. We know that most of the people in Dubai prefer quality, and our experts are best to provide the best quality of wallpapers while doing Dubai bathroom renovation. You should be aware that installing these wallpapers help you to avert moisture escalation in your bathroom. Our experts can help you to get a trendy look for your bathroom while installing wallpapers.

Focus on a Great Storage 

We know the importance of storage in a bathroom. If you are planning for your Dubai bathroom renovation, then our experts will always provide a great storage idea. We found that most of the bathroom’s storage areas in Dubai are limited and people face difficulties while trying to place their shower essentials.

We assure you that bathroom renovation by Handyman Dubai will help you keep your shower products without any hassle. Our professionals are aware of the importance of the vanity and that’s why they will build great vanity storage which is high moisture and environment-friendly.

It can be possible that you are on a tight budget and keeping that in mind we will provide you with a vanity that will go well with your current water systems. If there is enough space in your bathroom, then we will provide floating racks, towel racks or mirror cabinets according to your recommendations.

Consider Perfect Bells and Whistles 

If you are looking for a trendy bathroom, for your Dubai home, then the bathroom renovation is the best option for you. If you don’t mind spending a high amount on a bathroom renovation, then we can provide you with a smart shower, with voice and Wi-Fi applications. Thus, you will be able to listen to your favourite music, while showering in your bathroom.

We will make sure that your bathroom will not be slippery at all, and make the damp room in your residence a safe place for stepping. We can provide you drawer chargers, and thus you will be able to use your hair dryer easily.

If you like to have shower body jets in your bathroom, then our experts will measure you and your family members height at first and then place it in your bathroom. We will make sure that the floors on your bathroom surface are warmer because these kinds of heated floors are less slippery.

Reasons to Choose Handyman Dubai for Bathroom Renovation Dubai

If you are a Dubai resident, then you might have heard about Handyman Dubai as we are the most popular bathroom renovation Dubai service providers, across UAE. Our professionals are able to provide you with a trendy bathroom design, as well as classy and contemporary design according to your requirements.

Our professionals will make sure that your shower has proper attachments, standard nozzles and shower-heads. We will also provide trendy bathroom gadgets to renovate your bathroom in Dubai. Handyman Dubai is the best bathroom renovation service provider in Dubai because of our experts’ enormous hard work and dedication.

Our experts are highly qualified and have gathered vast knowledge while renovating bathrooms in Dubai. Your satisfaction is the most important aspect for us. We will provide you with various concepts before starting bathroom renovation. We can assure you that our professionals always maintain the industry’s standard.

Connect with the Best Bathroom Renovation Service Providers in Dubai

If you face any difficulties while renovating your bathroom in Dubai, then make sure to contact Handyman Dubai, as we are the best service providers. You can call us at 045864032, regarding any queries about bathroom renovation and our executive team is available round the clock to revert back with a positive response. Make sure to visit our website and check our customer’s reviews. Thus, you will be able to know why we are the most trustworthy bathroom renovation service providers in Dubai. So, grab the best deals now!

How Does Our Bathroom Renovation in Dubai Work?

Remodelling your bathroom is essential when it comes to updating and upgrading the look of your home. Undoubtedly, a well-planned and designed bathroom refurbishment can enhance the convenience of your residence in the luxury oasis. On the other hand, it can give your home’s resale value a boost. However, remodelling a bathroom can be overwhelming, especially if you think of doing it yourself. Spare yourself from such a hectic job and its tantrums by hiring our renovation contractors.

For example, a bathroom renovation Dubai project requires the following things to evaluate:

  • You may require a permit or NOC from the building management authority.
  • Additionally, you will require an NOC from neighbours because civil works can generate noise and disturbance.
  • On the other hand, handling plumbing lines and fixtures on your own can be difficult.
  • Hiring any contractor without a proper license and insurance might force you to take all the liabilities if anything goes wrong. So, you should opt for only a licensed and insured bathroom renovation Dubai company like us to keep everything hassle-free.

Check out how we can serve you the best bathroom renovation service near me:

Call us for a Consultation

Let our bathroom renovation Dubai experts visit the site and face the remodelling challenges of it. So, call us and schedule an appointment with our designers at your convenience. During a consultation, feel free to share your ideas (including walls, lighting, accessories, and finishes) so our experts can implement them and help you visualise the final result.

Allow Our Pros Work on Your Bathroom Design

Your dream bathroom is incomplete without a masterpiece design. Fortunately, our bathroom renovation Dubai specialists can put pieces to bring out your dream bathroom. From materials selection to permits, from design to real-life implementation – everything awaits you with our committed and trusted bathroom renovation service in Dubai.

Let Our Experts Install the Master Bathroom

Once our renovators are done with the designing and crafting, you can expect the final bathroom to be installed at your place soon. Additionally, we have you covered in every aspect of our remodelling services. From measurement and planning to installation and cleanup – experience a full-fledged refurbishment under one single project from Handyman Dubai.

How Much Will It Cost to Renovate Your Bathroom?

Be it a complete remodelling along with construction or civil work or simple fit-out services – a bathroom renovation Dubai project can widely vary. And, so does its related cost. Indeed, the overall cost of renovating a bathroom depends on the following attributes:

  • Labour cost
  • The size and intended style or makeover of the bathroom
  • Materials cost
  • Customisation required

As you can already predict, every bathroom project can differ if you consider the above-mentioned items. Get in touch with our experts to learn about an approximate budget that a bathroom renovation can cost you. 

Not to brag but you can get a bathroom renovation from us at any reasonable budget you settle for. So, pick up your phone and give us a buzz to fix an appointment with our pros.

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FAQs About Bathroom Renovation in Dubai


How long does a typical bathroom renovation in Dubai take?

The duration varies based on the scope of work, but a standard bathroom renovation can take 2 to 4 weeks.

What factors affect the cost of a bathroom renovation near Dubai?

Factors include the size of the bathroom, the choice of materials, fixtures, labor, and any structural changes.

What types of materials are suitable for bathroom flooring in Dubai’s climate?

Materials like porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and waterproof vinyl flooring are ideal for Dubai’s humid climate.

Do you offer guarantees or warranties for bathroom renovation work in Dubai?

Yes, Our HMD Team provides warranties for our renovation work to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

What is the expected lifespan of fixtures and materials used in bathroom renovations?

Lifespan varies by material, but quality fixtures and materials can last 10 to 20 years or more with proper maintenance.

What is the average cost of a bathroom renovation per square meter in Dubai?

The cost per square meter varies widely based on factors like materials and complexity, but typically ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 3,000 or more.

Can your technician properly renovate our bathroom?

Yes, Our Technician is well trained, more than 15 years of experience renovating your bathroom properly.