Find Best Maintenance Company in Dubai

Our expert HandyMan offers you best maintenance company in dubai. We deal in all kind of Home Maintenance Services. You can call us for any kind of Installation, Fixing & Repairing work for your Apartment, Villa, Building, Office & Warehouse related to Plumbing issues like water leak water heater drain block, Electrical troubleshooting lamp socket chandelier installation, Carpenter who can deal with any kind of Drilling, Hanging & Mounting Work, Painter for patch ups interior exterior painting, end tenancy painting and wallpaper installation. We have Expert AC Technician for your Window AC Fixing, Split AC Installation & your Central Air Conditioning System Chiller Repairing. Our Expert HandyMan Technician can perform following works.

  • Drilling Hanging & Mounting
  • Curtain Rods & Blind Installation
  • Mirror & Picture Frames Hanging
  • Shelves Hanging on Walls
  • Light Lamp & Chandelier Fixing
  • TV Bracket Mounting on Wall

Handyman-Dubai is a 8 years old Dubai based Maintenance Company which is providing its following HandyMan Services for your Apartment, Villa, Building or office.

  • HandyMan for Drilling, Hanging & Mounting Works
  • HandyMan Cleaner for Clogged Floor Drain Sewer Open
  • HandyMan Plumber for Water Leak Repairs
  • HandyMan Electrician for Short Circuit Fix
  • HandyMan Mechanic for AC / Chiller Repairing
  • HandyMan Carpenter for Furniture Assembly
  • HandyMan Gypsum Partition Maker
  • HandyMan Painter for Interior Exterior Painting
  • HandyMan Mason for Masonry Tilling Work

Home Maintenance Dubai Emergencies:

Do you have any Electrical or Plumbing Emergency at your Apartment Office or Villa or you are looking for 24/7 Emergency Services in Dubai? We are here to fix all of your Emergency Home Maintenance problems 24/7 any where in Dubai.

  • Sprung a leak? Just give a call to our experienced Emergency Handyman; he will help you to get rid of your water leakage issue.
  • Lights stopped working, fuse blown or the breaker is tripping in your house just call us, our emergency handyman will come and fix your issues in an instant.
  • Water Clogged in your Toilet, Bath Room Basin or Kitchen Sink, just call our 24/7 Help Line to assist you with Sewer & Drain Cleaning.

Home Maintenance Dubai Annual Contract:

We also provide Home Maintenance Dubai Annual Contract for your Apartment, Villa, Restaurant or Office.

Home Maintenance Dubai Activities:

Our Expert HandyMan Technician work as team and they cover a lot of activities regarding your Home Maintenance Company Dubai problems.

Water Leak Repair:

If you are facing any type of water leak issue from tap leaking to AC / Chiller Leak in your apartment office or villa you can call our company 24/7 for urgent Service. You can call us to assist you any time if you have following type of problems.

  • Your basin drain pipe Leak and spoiling your clothes as you wash your hands.
  • Your Ceiling AC Chiller Central Air Conditioning leakage gives you a bad sleep.
  • Your Water Heater Leak need repairing.
  • Your Kitchen Sink pipe is leaking.

Do not worry at all we have Expert Plumber to tackle with emergency water leak repairs on urgent basis. we will provide you best and affordable water leakage repair. Our water leakage repair service will make your works easier within few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my AC system leaking water?

Multiple causes can lead to water leakage issues in the Air conditioner. This includes issues like a clogged condensate drain line, condensate pump, and damaged drain pan.  Furthermore, the dirty air filters and low refrigerant can be the reason behind such AC issues. 

How do I maintain my air conditioner?

There are certain procedures that you have to maintain to prevent the Air conditioning system from getting damaged. Make sure you have changed the air filter at least once a month. Additionally, keep the coils clean and free from dirt and mites. Furthermore, one has to go for a thorough inspection of the fins and condenser drains to enhance the efficiency of the AC.

Do air conditioners need to be serviced?

Every Ac owners should opt for AC service at least once in a year. Because servicing the air conducting system might help an individual to enhance its functionality. And the probability of getting damaged will get reduced if you take professional guidance for servicing the AC.

Why is AC running but not cooling?

If the AC is not providing sufficient cool air, this simply indicates that the air filter is clogged with dirt. Additionally, the dirty coils, insufficient coolant, fault compressor, and thermostat can even trigger this issue. However, if the faulty AC remote fails to change the required temperature, you won’t be able to get cool air.