Top-Notched Assistance From Reliable Maintenance Company in Dubai

Owning a property requires attention to detail and thorough maintenance. If you are dealing with carpentry issues or plumbing faults, engaging proficient experts can help you to address all such queries. With us, the maintenance company in Dubai, you get to meet a team of experts who analyze the problem and step in to fix it in no time. You get a chance to work along with professional painters and electricians who offer quality maintenance service to the corporate sector as well as household needs.
Our understanding and impeccable maintenance solution make us your ultimate choice and stand out among other maintenance companies in Dubai. With our assistance, you get to maintain a proper house and work premises. We offer a vast range of services that includes maintenance, inspection, cleaning the AC ducts to ensure a hygienic environment and much more. From repairs to cleaning, we take care of all these aspects.

Most Trusted Home Maintenance Company in Dubai

As a responsible homeowner, you need to ensure that your property remains in a well-working order. For example, a malfunctioning plumbing line or out-of-order air conditioner can snatch your peace of mind.

So, you must contact a maintenance company in Dubai to get convenient packages suited to your requirements. At HandyMan Dubai, we offer a plethora of home maintenance and repair services to keep your property in a top-notch condition. 

From carpentry fixes and painting touch-ups to plumbing solutions, AC repair and cleaning, maids, movers, and more facilities are available at HandyMan Dubai. We have something for every resident in Dubai.

At a nominal monthly or annual fee, you can get sufficient emergency callouts for electrical, plumbing, AC, handyman and more services from us. So, call us and book your one-time or contractual services in a few steps and guarantee your home’s functionality for a long time.

How Can HandyMan Dubai Help You Today?

A home maintenance company in Dubai offers high-end services at competitive prices. At HandyMan Dubai, we follow this philosophy and are committed to offering you diligently structured maintenance services for your home.

We partner with highly trained and duly certified technicians to get the job right on the very first try. Are you eager about our range of home maintenance services in Dubai? Well, here’s how our techies can be a breeze of relief for your residential property:

Cleaning & Disinfection

You can’t afford your home to be a cluttered place, especially in Dubai which is known for unexpected sandstorms. Now, you can keep your space tidy by signing up for our cleaning and disinfection services. Our cleaners use approved solutions and materials to keep your premises clean as well as safe for humans and pets.

Electrical Services

Does your home experience trip often? Resolve such electrical nuisances with our skilled and experienced electricians. Additionally, they are duly licensed and insured. We equip them with all the cutting-edge tools and technology so they can offer comprehensive services without any downtime.

Painting Services

A splash of colour can change your interior. Get your massive painting job or minor touch-ups done by HandyMan Dubai’s skilled and professional painters. With years of experience and knowledge, our painters know how to select a colour palette that reflects your personality. Moreover, we supply quality paints and products to make your home flawless.

AC Servicing

Over time, your air conditioning unit may lose its touch. As a result, you might not feel enough cooling around your home. Whether the thermostat is broken or the refrigerant is running out – our AC fixers will take care of everything. They offer panoramic AC maintenance and repair for both one-time and annual callouts.

Handyman Services

Do you want to mount up a new TV or shelf in your living space? Or, you need to fix the door that has come out of its hinge. Whatever your handyman needs, the best home maintenance company has your back. Call us to avail yourself of a vast array of handyman services during emergencies.

Pest Control Services

HandyMan Dubai brings you pest control and prevention services for bedbugs, cockroaches, rodents, termites, fleas, mosquitoes, and more insects. Thus, you can keep your lifestyle free from diseases and your property free from extensive damage with our routine pest extermination services.

Maid Services

Do you need a helping hand for your housekeeping chores? Now, you can hire our skilled, trained, and amicable maids for cleaning, laundry, and other housekeeping jobs. We thoroughly check our maids’ backgrounds before appointing them to prioritise your safety.

Move-in/Move-out Services

Moving to a new home can be a chaotic experience. Fortunately, we specialise in packers and movers services. Our experts carefully pack your belongings using bubble wrap, boxes, etc. and safely transport them to your new address. In addition, you can customise the entire service according to your needs and our professionals will get them done.

Plumbing Services

Emergency plumbing assistance can reach you in the minimum turnaround time if you choose our home maintenance company in Dubai. From fitting plumbing equipment to fixing leaks and unclogging toilets – our plumbers can do wonders for your apartment or villa’s plumbing system. So, lodge your plumbing service request with us today and get same-day assistance from our best-in-class plumbers.

Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts of your home act like lungs. Dirty and dusty air ducts can make your home polluted and indoor pollution is a serious condition in Dubai. So, improve your indoor air quality, eliminate odours, reduce allergies, and prevent health issues by switching to our regular duct cleaning services.

CCTV System Installation

Security cameras and related setups are a must-have for homeowners. Don’t overlook the necessity for a CCTV installation and contact our experts. Our professionals will reiki your residential property and identify all the potential corners to install the right cameras. Hence, request a CCTV installation and get an immediate consultation from HandyMan Dubai.

Carpentry Services

Assembling an Ikea furniture or DIY project may sound fun but comes with its risks. However, our efficient team of carpenters can handle the assembly, fixing, and maintenance of wooden furniture, cabinets, cupboards, and more. Do you have any specialised carpentry requests like an exterior patio or pergola? Share your carpentry requirements with our carpenters and get your demands customised.

Waterproofing Services

Damage to your property due to moisture retention can be critical. Now, you can trust our home maintenance company in Dubai to get reliable waterproofing services. In addition, our waterproofing services come with a warranty. So, talk to our professionals to select the right waterproofing solution for your home.

Water Tank Cleaning

Your family’s health depends on the water consumed daily. Hence, it’s your duty to keep the water tank clean to access fresh and hygienic water for consumption and other uses. At HandyMan Dubai, we offer a 5-step in-depth water tank cleaning to ensure that you can avail of the best health benefits. Our professionals adhere to every health and safety guideline to help you with better stomach functions and digestion.

Pool Maintenance

Your home is incomplete without a clean and refreshing pool. Now, it’s easy to keep your swimming pool fresh with our dedicated pool maintenance services. Our specialists check and maintain the alkalinity, chlorine levels, and chemicals of the swimming pool. In addition, they scrub off the pool floor and wall tiles followed by maintaining mechanical machines such as filters, pumps, etc.

How Does it Work?

Book phenomenal services from the best home maintenance company in Dubai in just 3 simple steps. We understand the urgency for any plumbing, electrical, or carpentry services. That’s why we make sure that you can get the best service without any downtime.

Now, you can schedule a home maintenance service in the following straightforward steps.

Call HandyMan Dubai

Dial our service helpline number and talk to our executive. You can inquire about our offered services under the home maintenance categories and pick a suitable service. As an alternative, you can click the ‘Book Now’ or ‘Get a Quote’ option to initiate a service.

Pick Your Service and a Convenient Slot

Choose the home maintenance service you require for your property. Additionally, share your preferred timings with our executives. Thus, we will be able to assign the best professionals to the task at your convenience.

Relax and Get the Service

Once you confirm your location and payment, you can sit back. Our superior team of experts will reach you at the right time and take care of the requested service. So, book your home maintenance service today and keep your property gorgeous and functional all the time.

You can also sign up for our annual contract-based home maintenance services and enjoy benefits from time to time.

A Home Maintenance Company with Strong Ethics

As a responsible home maintenance company in Dubai, we sincerely believe in the following values:

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Innovation, and
  • Teamwork

We have teamed up with a multicultural and talented team of professionals who are the best choices in their corresponding fields of maintenance services in Dubai. Indeed, our experts provide a 360-degree solution to every maintenance-based service request. Get disciplined, punctual, and preventive maintenance services from HandyMan Dubai.

Additionally, we believe in consistent learning and adopting sustainable solutions. Choose our smart home maintenance and save your time and effort in taking care of your home. So, call our service helpline number and avail the best maintenance your home could ever ask for.

Reasons to Choose Our Home Maintenance Company in Dubai

First of all, Dubai is known for its extreme climate situation. Be it scorching heat, excessive humidity, or frequent sand storms, Dubai can challenge your home’s protective maintenance facilities.

So, you should be ready with an incredible home maintenance company in Dubai. HandyMan Dubai is the safest and most reliable option to keep your residence in a premium condition. Here’s what our customers like about our home maintenance services:

Big or Small Project – Doesn’t Matter to Our Experts

Be it complete home maintenance or just fixing door hinges, we care about only the precision and quality of the work, not the size. Indeed, our professionals are ready to respond to any home maintenance requirements all around the clock. So, you can contact us without any kind of hesitation.

Customer Satisfaction for Sure

We strive for perfection and our experts can go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction. They put all their wisdom and experience to serve you the best. Thus, you can expect the most satisfactory home maintenance services from HandyMan Dubai.

Proficient Experts in the Field

At HandyMan Dubai, we have joined hands with certified, skilled, and experienced professionals who excel in their corresponding fields of expertise. They are aware of how to make their expertise work with a touch of accuracy and innovation. Moreover, we conduct a thorough analysis and screening of our professionals to prioritise your safety.

Emergency Assistance Guaranteed

With the best home maintenance company in Dubai, you don’t have to wait for your turn. We understand an emergency can pop out of nowhere, like a sudden outburst of the toilet or a cleaning emergency as some guests are coming over. 

Deal with such situations with HandyMan Dubai’s specially curated maintenance services. They will reach you as soon as you book a service or according to your chosen time slot.

Best Prices

Home maintenance services may sound expensive but they are the right investment to keep your property in its finest condition. With HandyMan Dubai’s annual home maintenance packages, you will get affordable and competitive prices in the city. Now, home maintenance doesn’t cost a fortune if you choose our services.

What Our Customers Say About Our Home Maintenance Services

“Thank you HandyMan Dubai for providing a stress-free plumbing repair. The team arrived at the right time and smoothly handled the leak. Highly recommended maintenance company in Dubai, undoubtedly!” – Zayed.

“I’m glad that I opted for an annual home maintenance package from HandyMan Dubai. It covered some painting, major repair works including plumbing and carpentry, and pest control in and around my villa. This is the best maintenance company in Dubai.” – Mariam.

“The best thing we like about HandyMan Dubai’s home maintenance team is that they are never late. They provide us with a quick and long-lasting solution. Every time we call them, they continuously exceed our expectations by offering high-quality work. Their customer service is equally responsive. The best decision we’ve ever made is choosing HandyMan Dubai!” – Yousef.

Let the Best Maintenance Company in Dubai Help You Right Now!

Are you still browsing for the right home maintenance company in Dubai? Your search should end here. Being capable of offering a wide range of handyman, plumbing, painting, and other services, our experts are the best bet to maintain your property.

So, call us today and request your home maintenance service right away. Our professionals, technicians and engineers will talk to you directly to serve you with the most rewarding experience you could ever ask for. If you still can’t find what you’re searching for, contact our customer support team. They will guide you in the right direction.

Maintenance Companies in Dubai: Our Vast Spectrum of Services

Our maintenance company in Dubai, offers the clients to pick from a vast array of services that are customizable and keeps evolving with each and every requirement placed.

Electrical work requires precise and focused attention. The technicians of our reliable maintenance company in Dubai provides you with immense experience and knowledge to accomplish the work. These technicians carry the right tool and equipment and offer comprehensive solutions.

Our proficient team of maintenance in Dubai house skilled carpenters who have the experience to deal with every type of household furniture. Be it fixing furniture, doors, cabinets or shelf, or even installing a new one, the professionals are always ready to meet the requirements.

If you’d like to give your house a brand new look then opt for the incomparable painting services. Be it a bedroom, drawing room, office or kitchen, our painters are well-versed in using high-quality products to do the job. Now, you get to add the hues that talk about your personality.

Drainage is the most important part of any house. For any issue associated with water blockage or drain pipeline, our team ensures to get it fixed. Our team of experienced plumbers carry the right set of tools to do the job. They are ready to assist you and for commencing the work, reach your doorstep.


Being one of the most recommendable home maintenance company in Dubai, we collaborate with cleaners who are best in their niche. All you need to do is share your cleaning requirements. Be it cleaning the entire house or even one single room, these professionals use quality materials and tools to make the house shine bright.

AC maintenance requires a trained technician to do the job. To keep the interior cool and calm, proper workability of the AC is highly required. Our technicians thrive to provide comprehensive solutions. Starting from duct cleaning to replacement of the evaporator, we are your ultimate answer.


Moving in and out of houses requires a team of people who can transport the furniture and other items, safe and sound, to the new place. Our professionals ensure to wrap the furniture and other materials and deliver them as per your instructions.

Maid Service

We help you to get top-notched maids who can assist you in your daily chores. They are well-trained to do versatile work, such as cooking, washing and much more based on your requirement. Certified and friendly maids can help you to achieve a clean environment.

Pest Control

To save your properties from damage, we also offer premium pest control services. Any kind of bug, insects, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, lice or termites are removed completely using quality products.

To protect and secure your house, we have experts who have knowledge of installing CCTV systems properly. Experts set up cameras based on your instructions. If with time, issues appear then our expert team can fix it in minimal time.

Who We Are?

We identify as service providers, willing to help you with premium maintenance services in Dubai. So, now you get the chance to connect with the best service partners without much hassle. Our goal is to ensure that the customers get the service they are looking for. These services come through professionals and technicians who are trained and authorized to deliver reliable assistance. Also, these professionals are certified with more than 10 years of experience so that our clients get prompt and on-time services.

How It Works

The booking process is quite simple and easy. We have kept a user-friendly interface to help you get the best-suited maintenance service.

Select the Service

The first thing to do is, let us know what kind of services you’re looking for. For additional services, give us details.

Book an Appointment

The next thing to do is to book an appointment. On the chosen date, the service providers will arrive at your doorstep.

Sit & Relax

Once you’ve selected the service, you can sit and relax. The professionals will provide satisfactory service.

For Further Queries Reach Us!!

If you have further queries regarding the services, you can go through our website. Or, you can also call our support executives to discuss your requirements. Drop a mail requesting to share a quote. You get tailor-made services that fit each and every budget.

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FAQs About Maintenance Company in Dubai

How to get maintenance company in Dubai

Handyman Dubai (HMD)  is the best maintenance company in Dubai, Start by conducting an online search, seeking recommendations from locals, checking online reviews and directories, or visiting our website and Email. 

How much does it Price to open a maintenance company in Dubai?

The cost to open a maintenance company in Dubai varies widely, ranging from AED 15,000 to AED 50,000 or more, depending on various factors like business type and location.

Do you provide emergency maintenance services in Dubai?

Yes, Our HMD Team offers 24/7 emergency maintenance services to address urgent issues promptly.

Do you provide electrical maintenance for homes and businesses?

Yes, we offer electrical maintenance services, including installations, repairs, and troubleshooting.

Can you assist with waterproofing services for roofs and basements?

Yes, we offer waterproofing solutions to prevent water damage in critical areas.

What is your approach to cleaning and maintaining carpets and rugs in Dubai?

We offer professional carpet and rug cleaning services, including stain removal and maintenance to extend their lifespan.

What are the payment methods accepted for your cleaning services in Dubai?

For your convenience, we accept a number of payment options, including cash, credit cards, and online transfers.

What types of home maintenance services do you offer in Dubai.

We offer a wide range of Maintenance services, including plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, AC repair, CCTV, Fridge, TV, maid, pest control, and more.