Trusted Wall Painting Services Dubai for Complete Renovation & New Spaces

Nothing works better than a change in wall paint for a quick yet fresh revamp. Whether it’s a single statement wall for your cosy leisure or an entire room or home wall painting, a few coats of paint can transform your living space. Apart from your comfortable and calming corner, your taste will be appreciated by your guests if you choose the right palette of contrasting colours for your rooms. Now, for that, you need skilled expertise. We, from Handyman Dubai, are unmatchable in offering the best quality wall painting services Dubai for both residential and commercial premises. Our painters assess your property, and the walls, and then consult with you on all the required steps to get the wall of your dream.

We help you to decide on the most suitable hues according to your personality and taste. In addition, we take all the preventive maintenance to make the wall paint sustainable enough. 

Be it the threat of soaring temperature, moisture, or sand storms, both your exterior and interior walls would remain beautiful owing to our exclusive wall painting services in Dubai.

So, you need not wait anymore. Simply, go for our wall painting services near me and get the painting done as soon as possible.

Vast Array of Wall Painting Services We Specialise

Professional wall painting services in Dubai are not a joke. Due to harsh weather conditions, walls tend to fade their paint sooner than anticipated. Additionally, it’s difficult to prevent moisture from invading walls and making a breeding ground for algae and other microorganisms. All of these can endanger the stability of walls and hence, the wall might fail to withhold the paint.

Therefore, walls, especially exterior ones, might suffer a lot if you don’t pick up the best wall painting services in Dubai. Here comes Handyman Dubai to make a difference in your wall painting experience. We ensure that the walls are in the required condition to get a coat of paint on them. Our painters treat the wall with the necessary procedures so that your painting investment stays untouched for years.

Additionally, we offer customised wall painting services near you. Our painters’ team can assist you to pick up the combination of the right themes and textures. 

Here’s our wide range of wall painting services in Dubai to select from:

Exterior Painting

Your property’s exterior walls are what your guests or visitors notice at the first glance. Therefore, it should be in perfect shape and condition. Refresh your home, office, or store’s exterior walls with our devoted wall painting services in Dubai.

Exterior walls have to be eye-pleasing and tough at the same time. Our painters know how to transform your apartment, villa, or office into an attractive infrastructure within a few days. Extend your exterior walls’ durability and beauty with our efficient wall painting services.

Interior Painting

Interior wall painting is an integral part of interior design. The vibe of the wall paint should resonate with your interior decoration. Thus, you should consider our experienced painters who can show you compatible palettes for the best interior outcome.

Whether you are moving into a new property sooner or your interior walls are fading the shades, call our professionals. 

We offer exclusive interior wall painting services for the following types of walls:

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Metal sheet
  • Stone
  • Plywood
  • Glass
  • Plastic panels

So, contact our painters for a lavishing wall painting at a nominal cost from Handyman Dubai.

3D Wall Painting

Among all the recent trends, 3D wall painting is a charming option. It’s a popular option for villas, apartments, and other residential properties. Not to mention, 3D wall painting requires different processes and extreme perfection.

So, you should invest in a trustworthy 3D wall painting service to get desired results. We provide our customers with 3D wall painting services through proven tools and technologies. Let our professionals create out-of-the-box design and state-of-art style for your bedroom, living room, and every nook and corner wall of your property.

Wallpaper Installation

Paints are not only used for making your walls appealing but also immune against weather extremities and ageing. Professionally done wall painting can last for 10 years at most. However, it might require touch-ups frequently, such as once in two to three years.

Whereas wallpapers can be a more rigid replacement for paints. They can easily sustain 15 to 16 years of daily handling. No wonder, why people prefer wallpapers more than a coat of paint. However, the best thing is that now we offer wallpaper installation services for homes and offices.

Our professionals pay exquisite attention while preparing the wall for wallpaper installation. In addition, they tackle critical corners, edges of windows, shelves, etc., professionally so that there is no unnecessary wear and tear. As a result, you can expect a flowy and smooth texture on your walls without any bumps. 

We offer wallpaper installation services for the following wallpaper kinds:

  • Natural
  • Cloth
  • Glass
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Non-woven
  • Customised

Wallpaper Removal Services

Installing a new wallpaper requires the existing to be removed carefully and without damaging the wall. If you are looking for a genuine wallpaper reinstallation service, then you can trust our wallpaper removal expertise, too. Changing the current wallpaper isn’t a challenge for Handyman Dubai painters.

We provide you with prompt wallpaper removal services and wall prep-ups for the next wallpaper installation. Therefore, keep your interior trendy with our proficient wallpaper removal and installation services.

Spray Painting Services

Do you need speedy wall painting services in Dubai for your apartment or office? Spray paint can help you to achieve what you are looking for. However, spray painting can be extremely messy and they can spread anywhere if you don’t hire the right professionals.

Handyman Dubai offers you the best spray wall painting services Dubai for convenient results. Be it your exterior or interior wall, we hold the proficiency in spraying your walls with paint with accuracy and style. In addition, get exciting deals on our wall painting services near me.

How do Our Wall Painting Services Dubai Work?

Handyman Dubai is committed to providing you with value-added services with ease of booking. It takes only 3 simple steps to take advantage of our superior wall painting services Dubai.

Request a Service

Call our wall painting services team to log a service request. Well, you can also install our ADS mobile application to share your requirements and fill in the required information. Confirm your service details to get addressed by our professionals, any time soon.

Meet our Experts

You need not go anywhere and our experts will reach your location with the necessary planning and tools. They will assess your property for the right texture, shade, and everything in between you expect after booking wall painting services near you.

Relax and See the Painting Get Done

After you agree with the colour scheme and different other aspects, we deploy our wall painting services at your location. Everything from prepping up the walls to post-painting cleaning will be taken care of, including every minor detail.

Why Should You Go for Our Wall Painting Dubai Services?

Handyman Dubai is an all-in-one place for rendering colours for your property. We have been a reliable stop for numerous homeowners. You can avail a plethora of benefits with our wall painting services near you, such as:

Top-Notch Results

We strive for excellence in wall painting services Dubai. Get highly satisfactory finishes, and wall textures within the promised time from our dedicated painters’ team. After all, there’s no chance of compromising with our elegant services.

Prompt & Professional Services Guaranteed

Handyman Dubai is operational all across Dubai and its outskirts. So, your location anywhere in Dubai isn’t a constraint for our experts. You can expect a minimal turnaround time to get our painting consultation services. We offer quick wall painting services near me.

Vetted and Skilled Painters

We have built up a team of 50+ painters who can handle any type of wall painting challenge. They are professional, experienced, and trained to power wash walls, paint them, and style them according to your painting plan.

Outstanding Tools and Technologies

We encourage speedy and precise wall painting services. That’s why we equip our technicians with pressure washers, hoses, ladders, paint rollers, sprayers or airbrushes, cleaners, brushes, and so on. Thus, you can get supreme results within the shortest duration possible.

Hire Handyman Dubai Painters Right Now!

Wall painting on your own can mess up your foolproof plan if you are not armed with disaster-management tools. In addition, you might end up picking the wrong shade for your bedroom or kitchen and it might ruin the atmosphere. Let our professional wall painting services dubai experts help you choose the best match for your walls.

Moreover, you can get stunning walls at comparative prices. So, download the ADS app today to book a consultation with our painters. Alternatively, you can call us and share your requirements. Connect to our customer service executives if you want to know more about our personalised services and pack