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Avail of the Best LG Washing Machine Repair in Dubai

LG washing machines are celebrated for their power-packed and durable performance. However, a fault in your appliance can pop up at any time. If you own an LG washing machine and it currently suffers from a severe breakdown then Handyman Dubai got your back. We offer high-end LG washing machine repair near me.

You can call us for emergency repair if you experience the slightest inconvenience or symptom from your LG washing machine. Be it a power problem, agitation complexity, loud noises, or anything else – Handyman Dubai’s professional LG washing machine repair in Dubai is the best bet.

Apart from Dubai, our efficient and guaranteed LG washer repair services are also available in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. In short, we operate a centralised LG washing machine repair to help you and our technicians can reach you anywhere in these cities. Book a service from Handyman Dubai before your washing machine stops completely or throws any risk at you.

Common Problems with LG Washing Machines: How Handyman Dubai Can Help

Are you frustrated with facing different issues with your LG washing machine every now and then? Put an end to both your suffering and your washer malfunctioning with Handyman Dubai’s dedicated and proven LG washing machine repair near me.

We appoint qualified and certified LG-specialised technicians to repair LG washing machines. Our experts take pride in mitigating common and critical washing machine issues followed by a state-of-the-art diagnosis. Additionally, they offer authentic repair with OEM parts to provide you with a long-lasting fix.

Therefore, you have to look nowhere to seek the ultimate solution for your LG washing machine once we serve you. Handyman Dubai is more than just a repair shop for LG washing machines. Our technicians run an in-depth diagnosis to find out what’s wrong with your washer and then provide an estimate.

After you agree with our LG washing machine repair Dubai estimate, they start the process. Moreover, it’s over your location. You don’t have to get out of your comfort zone or stand in a queue to get our services. So, call us and experience the ultimate difference in our services for yourself.

By the way, the following problems are mostly reported by the users of LG washing machines. These issues require expert intervention and you know that you can count on us. Let’s check out how our tech experts can help you with an emergency LG washing machine repair Sharjah:

The Washer not Turning on

Be it an LG appliance or not, most washing machines suffer from the problem of not turning on. You might notice that your LG washer refuses to turn on when you power it up. As a quick troubleshooting, you can check whether your appliance is appropriately connected to a power outlet.

Moreover, you can examine whether the circuit breaker has tripped. You can reset it to restore your washing machine. If nothing works for you, it’s high time you call Handyman Dubai and request a service to repair LG washing machines.

As verified by our experienced technicians, the defective control panel is the most common reason behind a washer that doesn’t turn on. So, contact us to seek expert repair for your LG appliance.

Strange Noises from the Washing Machine

Do you hear a thumping or banging noise from your washer once you run a washing cycle? Well, an imbalance in the load can cause your LG washing machine to make such a noise. So, you can try a DIY hack and redistribute the load evenly.

However, the previous trick may not work depending on what you’re washer is going through. Hence, get in touch with our LG washing machine repair near me experts. According to our experts, the following conditions can also lead to a strange noise from your LG washer:

  • Broken or loose drum bearing
  • Faulty suspension system
  • Foreign object obstruction inside the drum

To be honest, only a skilled and trained technician can tell you where the noise is coming from. Therefore, hire our LG washing machine repair Abu Dhabi experts to determine the problem. Also, they can tell you what needs to be fixed.

For example, we offer drum suspension repair, bearing tightening and replacement, and overall cleaning to make sure that your appliance runs smoothly. Remember to call us as soon as possible or else, your washing machine and clothes can be affected.

Leaky Washing Machine

It’s common to come across a front-load LG washing machine that’s leaking water. A defective door seal or gasket can trigger the leak. On the other hand, a damaged drain hose can spill water due to wear and tear.

Replacing them on your own can be critical. Instead, call our LG washing machine repair in Dubai team to get it done without sweating much. Our LG experts can replace the door seal and drain hose, unclog the blocked drain filter, and take preventive measures to stop the washer from leaking water any further.

You can request a service to repair your LG washing machine at your location and get long-term benefits.

The Washer Not Draining

Are you having trouble with draining your LG washing machine? Chances are that your washing machine’s clogged drain pump filter prevents you from draining the water. Now, cleaning the pump can be a tactical job for a starter. Don’t take any risk; you should call in expert intervention to solve the problem.

At Handyman Dubai, our technicians offer to unclog the drain pump filter. Apart from the filter, the drain motor or hose might be at fault too. Consider our expert LG washing machine repair Dubai services to find out the truth. In addition, our professionals will provide the required repair or replacement.

Engine Harness Damage

Damage in the engine harness is another common issue with LG washing machines. You might notice strange noises if anything goes wrong with the engine harness. Since the wiring harness has wires connecting the power supply and the motor, it’s better to seek expert attention.

Hire our LG washing machine repair Sharjah team to look into the matter and fix the engine harness. Our handymen will spot all damaged wires and replace them accordingly. Hence, you can restore the interaction between the control board and motor with our supervising team today.

LG Washing Machine Models and Error Codes We Handle

Being a reputed LG washing machine repair vendor, it’s our responsibility to support a vast and extensive range of models for repair. Our talented and smart handyman team can fix all LG washing machines such as front-load, top-load, hybrid, compact, and more types. Here are some models fixed by our LG washing machine repair Abu Dhabi team:

  • F20L2CTV2E2
  • T1866NEHT2
  • F4V9RCP2E
  • FH4G6TDG6
  • F18L2CRV2T2_F70E1UDNK12
  • F15L9DGD
  • T1369NEHTF

Apart from tackling versatile LG washing machine models, our technicians are proficient in recovering technical errors in your washer. For example, our team has solved the following error codes on LG washing machines so far:

  • OE (draining slowly)
  • dE (open door error)
  • UE (unbalanced load)
  • LE (locked drive motor error)
  • PE (water level sensor defects)
  • IE (inlet water supply failure)
  • PF (power failure)
  • tE (heating sensor error)

Reasons to Choose Our LG Washing Machine Repair Near Me

Handyman Dubai is the one-stop shop for LG washing machine repair in Dubai. We offer repair, installation, and maintenance for LG washers. In fact, our LG-certified professionals can fix any problem with your LG washing machine. Be it repairing damaged or broken parts or the washer being unable to clean clothes properly, our technicians have a remedy for everything.

Here’s why you should opt for our LG washing machine repair Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Sharjah services:

Authorised Repair

All our LG washing machine repair Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi technicians are certified and licensed. They have completed rigorous training sessions to provide you with the best and latest repair outputs for your LG washer.

100% Guaranteed Original Parts

Handyman Dubai’s technicians use original and genuine spare parts to repair LG washing machines. Therefore, you will get long-lasting fixes from our repair services.

Minimised Downtime

We make sure that our handymen reach you as soon as possible for emergency services. Your safety and requirements are our priority. So, book an LG washing machine repair in Dubai from us and experience a fast turnaround from our geeks.

Competitive Prices

Are you looking for the best prices for an LG washing machine repair near me? Handyman Dubai promises affordable and fixed repair tags for your LG washer. Now, you don’t have to deal with extra charges because you pay for what we repair in front of you.

On-Site Services

The best part of our LG washing machine repair is that you don’t have to come to our service centre. Instead, our handymen will visit you, diagnose your washer issues, and devise the correct repair for the appliance. Get hassle-free and quick on-site LG washing machine repair in Dubai from us.

Request an LG Washing Machine Repair Service in Dubai

Put an end to your LG washing machine issues by contacting Handyman Dubai. You can call us and our LG washing machine repair near me team will reach you. Furthermore, connect to our customer support team to learn more about our services.