A kitchen renovation can enhance the value of your home. Everyone knows that the kitchen is indeed the heart of a house, where you have to cook your daily food. So, why not equip it with all the essentials and grasp the benefits from every corner by remodelling your kitchen.

You should not ignore the idea of kitchen renovation because this is the place in your home where your family and friends gather during occasions if you have a dinning attached to it. Plan your parties, make important decisions, and turn it into a comprehensive place.

With a kitchen renovation, you will be able to upgrade the everyday service of that area. Renovating your kitchen helps you to update the degenerating materials of your kitchen. You will be able to fulfil your family’s needs by creating an area that works for your whole family and you can also upgrade your personal style.

Further, kitchen renovation helps you to increase the value of your home as most of the buyers in Dubai prefer upgraded kitchens. If you are looking for kitchen renovation in Dubai service providers, then Handyman Dubai can be your best bet.

Services Provide for Kitchen Renovation by Handyman Dubai

If you are a Dubai resident and confused about how to renovate your kitchen, then you need professional ideas to get everything sorted. We understand that in this busy life, a perfect balance is hard to gain.

Thus, you need a guide to help you gain an immaculate and innovative design for your kitchen. Handyman Dubai will be your perfect service partner for your kitchen renovation plans. So, let’s get to know how we can help you gain a premium service at an affordable budget.

Make a Solid Plan on Kitchen Renovation

We have gained years of experience as a professional and will help you to know what is the best plan that will make your kitchen perfect. We can even provide you with a 3D model for your kitchen, and we will make sure to provide you with a perfect blueprint.

This will help you to know the exact expenditure on kitchen renovation, what materials you will need and the time period for your kitchen renovation. You will get the exact note of the time period that will be required to complete the renovation of your kitchen perfectly.

Try to Use the Most of Your Kitchen Space

This is one of the most important aspects in kitchen renovation and only a professional like us, Handyman Dubai, can give you the best idea. We will make sure that every space in your kitchen area is utilized.

Before providing a design, we will ask you some basic questions like what you use in the kitchen, how often you will cook or for how many members, etc. Thus, we will be able to understand how much space will be required for your easy access. We use advanced tools and technology to render a perfect kitchen.

Importance of Materials and the Storage

You might want the surface of your kitchen to be made of luxurious materials like marbles but those exotic marbles come at a high price. But, you should not be disappointed as with us you will gain other additional options too, along with marble, which will not break the bank. We have various materials options, according to your budget and you will be amazed after installing them in your kitchen area.

We will make sure that you have a lot of storage area available in our kitchen. But, it can be possible that you might not need big storage. After getting accustomed to your daily activities, we will start to design your storage area. We will keep in mind that your kitchen should not overflow with unwanted aspects. So, with us, all your requirements get sorted under one roof.

Reasons to Choose Handyman Dubai

Handyman Dubai has been renovating kitchen areas for years now. Here you get to meet trendy, classy, as well as innovative design that is made based on customer interest and necessity. Our team focuses on various factors like your kitchen marble, kitchen partition, kitchen coating, etc. while doing your kitchen renovation.

We are one of the best kitchen renovation in Dubai service providers and all the credit goes to our certified and highly trained team. We will provide you with various concepts and when you are fully satisfied, then start to renovate your kitchen as we believe in customer satisfaction.

Our experts have collected immense knowledge and experience while doing a kitchen renovation. We always maintain the industry’s standard and believe in complete transparency in the service process.

Reach the Best Kitchen Makeover Dubai Service

You should not be confused about renovating your kitchen as now you can reach the most dedicated professional team across the UAE through Handyman Dubai. You can visit the Handyman Dubai website and check our customer reviews to understand why we are the most recommendable name among the kitchen renovation service providers in Dubai. You can even call 045864032 and mitigate all your enquiries. So, why wait! Join us and transform your kitchen area and leave your guests awestruck.


Are there specialized contractors in Dubai for luxury kitchen renovations?

Yes, HMD (handyman-dubai) has contractors and designers who specialize in luxury kitchen renovations, catering to high-end projects.

How long does it take to plaster a kitchen in Dubai?

The time to plaster a kitchen during renovation depends on the size and complexity of the project, but it typically takes 1 to 3 days to complete the plastering work.

Do you plaster or tile first?

In a kitchen renovation, it’s typically recommended to plaster first and then tile to ensure a smooth and even surface for tiling.

How many days will the plastering require to cure?

Curing plaster usually requires 3 to 7 days to fully set and harden, but it can vary depending on factors like humidity and temperature.

What types of kitchen flooring options are popular in Dubai?

Popular choices include ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and engineered wood flooring for kitchens.

Can you upgrade my kitchen's lighting during the renovation?

Yes, We can update lighting fixtures and add under-cabinet lighting for improved functionality and aesthetics.

Can your handyman change the paint color of my kitchen cabinets during a renovation?

Yes, Our HMD team can change the color of your kitchen cabinets as part of the renovation