Home maintenance is not an easy task for house owners, especially in Dubai, due to dusty and humid weather conditions. The indoor air can turn dusty and the air quality index might be beyond breathable. One key factor to control the indoor air quality is the prominent HVAC system that thoroughly warms up and ventilates the airflow. And, you can experience a comfortable ambience around you.

Be it your home or office, or the commercial store, HVAC systems are mandatory everywhere. And, so is the HVAC maintenance services. Otherwise, you might witness disturbed or not at all airflow, thermostat issues and refrigerant leakage, too. Filthy smells, uneven temperatures are also some not at all skippable consequences, when the HVAC system lacks maintenance and care regime.

On the other hand, broken counterparts or misconfigured parts might be seeking expert intervention. If the requirements are completely overlooked, then the HVAC system might lose all its functionality and expire before the life expectancy.

So, don’t wait for the HVAC system to shut down entirely and avail HVAC maintenance services. Handyman Dubai is one of the leading HVAC companies in UAE, and offers eminent HVAC repair and maintenance services for residential and commercial premises. Our professional HVAC engineers and technicians keep your HVAC system up-to-date with required repairs and maintenance techniques.

HVAC Maintenance & Repair Issues Addressed by Handyman Dubai

Handyman Dubai is one of the most reliable home maintenance service providers in the entire United Arab Emirates. Being a promising home maintenance company, we can’t ignore the requirement of HVAC maintenance. The HVAC system keeps your house clean, airy and controls the temperature of the entire building. If anything goes wrong with the system, then it can endanger your safety measures. 

We don’t want to take any chances with your safety and security. A regular tune-up would keep your HVAC system free from complications and you can expect the system running in full-fledged action. Whereas HVAC repairs might cost you more and more bucks, HVAC maintenance can keep the entire system healthy and free of errors. 

You need not avail repair services more frequently, but it can become absolutely necessary if the HVAC management doesn’t receive enough maintenance. Here are some HVAC issues that can be caused by poor HVAC maintenance and are attended by our HVAC technicians and engineers.

Faulty Thermostats

Sticking to the non-programmable thermostat is not a wise decision, any more. Programmable thermostats have become a trend for a more manageable and efficient HVAC system and overall HVAC maintenance. As one of the responsible HVAC contractors in Dubai, we have concluded that a thermostat malfunction can be a possible outcome of neglecting HVAC maintenance. 

And, you can end up with colder and hotter temperatures in your rooms, both in the office and home. Non-programmable are beyond the reset function and it only creates a nuisance. Whereas programmable ones require a reset and the issues should be solved. On the other hand, in case a quick reset doesn’t make any difference to your HVAC system and its functionality then you can call Handyman Dubai, one of the best HVAC companies in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. 

Our professional, skilled and certified HVAC engineers can handle thermostat issues and responsible counterparts. They are equipped with all the necessary HVAC maintenance tools to tune up your HVAC components, thermostats and everything in between the furnace and the ventilation including the air conditioner. So, avail an effective diagnosis and HVAC maintenance from us.

Blocks in Vents

One of the most recurring HVAC issues is that the airflow is not up to the mark. And, you can experience suffocation if the ventilators don’t work properly. Be it your organization or villa, the vents of the HVAC system can get blocked by twigs, dust, bird nests and other debris. Consequently, the indoor air quality degrades every moment.

Don’t take risks with congested vents and registers. Make sure that the vents and registers are clean enough to pass the indoor air and allow the outdoor air. Otherwise, the circulation of air might get prevented by the poorly maintained HVAC system. Check if the furniture is blocking the airflow from the vents.

If nothing comes under your observation and still you’re facing HVAC tantrums, then it’s high time to contact us. Our HVAC technicians would sneak into the HVAC vents and examine if the vents have come across any blockage due to debris. Additionally, the engineers would inspect all the circuitry and mechanical parts of the HVAC system for foolproof maintenance. So, hire HVAC contractors in Dubai from Handyman Dubai today.

Tripping Breakers and Malfunctioning Fuses

Needless to mention, HVAC systems are a deadly combination of electrical and plumbing resources. That’s why HVAC companies in UAE advise regular maintenance of the HVAC ones. In case anything is preventing the overall airflow within the HVAC system, then the blower has to work more than that it’s designed for. Gradually, it can pose a threat to the blower and it can compel the circuit breaker to trip more often. 

Additionally, if the air filter turns dirty, then it can also overburden the blower. So, HVAC companies in Dubai frequently encounter such instances that might damage the entire airflow within the building. Moreover, the HVAC system is known for its energy-saving and cost-efficient nature. If the blower or any counterpart has to work more, then you can obviously note a huge increase in the energy consumption bills. 

As you can see poor HVAC maintenance can trigger complicated electrical issues, and they can put your security in questions and doubts. So, avail HVAC maintenance & repair services from Handyman Dubai, one of the best HVAC companies in Dubai.

Air Conditioner Issues

Air conditioning is an integrated part of the HVAC system and the system itself requires separate attention and care. If you had purchased a bigger air conditioning unit by considering your villa or commercial building size, then the oversized unit might provoke HVAC issues. It can toggle between active and inactive positions due to its inefficient dimensions. And, it can invite unnecessary issues to the HVAC system. Meanwhile, the indoor might turn uncomfortably chiller or hotter than required, or even stuffed with humidity.

Therefore, you can redesign your HVAC system with the help of HVAC contractors in Dubai. Our experienced HVAC engineers and technicians are able to install, maintain, design and repair HVAC systems. If you think that any counterpart of the HVAC system has gone outdated, then it’s worth connecting with us. In addition to this, you can render reliable solutions to AC repair issues, cleaning and maintenance from us.

Our HVAC technicians apply certified methodology for cleaning the air conditioner ducts, air vents. We use approved cleaning materials so that the chemicals can’t cause any allergy or other health hazards. As one of the premium HVAC companies in UAE, we are dedicated to fulfilling our vows, not only through words but also through our performances. 

Ignition Dilemmas

Another significant symptom of HVAC systems lacking maintenance is the trouble with the ignition. The furnace won’t stay lit for a long time and manual ignition might prove a failure, as well. However, ignition tantrums might be associated with the flame sensors, pilots and burners. Thus, keeping an eye over these components is an inseparable part of HVAC maintenance, as suggested by most of the HVAC companies in UAE.

Apart from the ignition-related counterparts, if the HVAC system is running short on fuel, then also ignition problems are common. Combat ignition issues efficiently with our dedicated and emergency HVAC maintenance services.

The HVAC contractors in Dubai would look into the flame sensors, broken thermostats or any other components that are preventing the flame from staying lit. Regular HVAC maintenance makes sure that you need not avail repair services often from HVAC companies in Dubai.

Uncommon Noises and Degrading Efficiency

Besides manifesting component-related issues, buzzing noises from the HVAC system can be an alarming sign, too. Yes, HVAC systems do make noise while operating, but that’s within your endurance. When the entire system starts rattling, then it might indicate trouble with the blower or inducer motor. 

The blower motor can make such whining pounds when its parts become loose. The motor belts might have gone through wears and tears and immediately requires expert interference. Our HVAC technician would successfully replace those faulty motor parts and diagnose if anything else is responsible for the noises. 

Every room in the building has a different size and capacity. And, the HVAC system is designed for offering the same comfort to each room. If you can’t sense the same temperature in different rooms, then the efficiency of the HVAC has reduced and that’s because of the absence of HVAC maintenance. 

So, don’t indulge in the HVAC troubles anymore and hire HVAC contractors in Dubai from Handyman Dubai. We are one of the pre-eminent HVAC companies in Dubai for tackling HVAC errors, issues and maintenance single-handedly.


The HVAC system works by condensing the warm air and it produces water droplets. The HVAC connections are accomplished with the help of subtle plumbing and drainage. If anything comes in between the drainage and the HVAC system, then it can result in water leaks. Experts of HVAC companies in UAE claim that water leaks can be intricate by clogs in the pipes.

Apart from cracks in the pipes, evaporator drain, heat exchanger, collector box might be responsible for the water leaks. HVAC maintenance takes care of the leaks and the causes behind them. Our expert HVAC engineers can identify the sources of leakage and fix them without any woe.

An additional leak that might frighten you is the refrigerant leakage. If you can notice fluctuating temperatures or uneven heating then you should contact our HVAC contractors in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The technicians would check the coolant issues and investigate the sources. 

Filthy Condenser & Evaporator Coils

A professional HVAC maintenance would never ditch on the condenser units. If you neglect the HVAC maintenance services, then there are chances that the condenser might have accumulated dust and debris. As a consequence, the coils have to work more. And, it directly affects the efficiency of the system.

Meanwhile, the HVAC unit progresses to wear and tear. Even if the coils don’t get replaced frequently the air conditioner, as well as the furnace might get injured. Avail on-time HVAC maintenance from one of the notable HVAC companies in Abu Dhabi, Handyman Dubai. And, restrict your HVAC system from premature death.

Blower Keeps Working

Generally, the blower keeps running when you switch on the system. Otherwise, it shouldn’t run unless or until it has received any malfunction indication. You can beforehand examine the thermostat or the power switch before concluding any prediction. 

Only an experienced HVAC technician or engineer can cope up with a faulty blower mechanism. And, you can hire such talented engineers only from Handyman Dubai. They would repair and replace the required components, and you will experience the same comfortable ambience, again.

Clogged Air Filters

The prime task of air filters is to filtrate the air before passing it to diverse rooms. So, the filters should be clean enough to manage efficient filtration. If not replaced, air filters lose the capability of proper air filtration. Gradually, you would feel musty as the air quality index would be of a greater value. 

So, don’t inhale dust and debris even when you have an HVAC system at your home or office. Avail HVAC maintenance from Handyman Dubai for taking care of air filters. The HVAC technicians would replace the air filters, irrespective of the brand and size.

Why Should you Render HVAC Maintenance from Handyman Dubai?

There are tonnes of HVAC companies in Dubai, across the UAE, offering maintenance services. But, Handyman Dubai is the best because we provide to-the-point HVAC maintenance services. We strive for the best and controlled HVAC services so that you can escape from hefty repair and replacement services. 

Keep yourself and your building safe with in-contract and emergency services from Handyman Dubai.

  • We work with only trained, certified and licensed HVAC engineers and technicians. It’s all about your comfort and security; and, we can barely compromise with the service quality. All the HVAC staff are well-aware of electrical and plumbing configuration and you are in safe hands.
  • The experienced HVAC contractors in Dubai have got their own tool-box and necessary replacement parts. Therefore, you can avail immediate and responsive HVAC maintenance for your residence and commercial stores.
  • At Handyman Dubai, we take care of the used technologies and tools for HVAC systems. We have stocked the latest gadgets for diagnosis purposes. Thus, the diagnosis can never go wrong with us. And, you get satisfactory HVAC solutions with our genuine replacement parts.
  • HVAC maintenance would keep the efficiency to its optimum. Hence, you can benefit from the HVAC system. Handyman Dubai, one of the best HVAC contractors in Dubai, offers reasonable HVAC maintenance services with modesty and transparency.

Let’s Take the Responsibility of HVAC Maintenance Together!

Well, you just have to contact us for your HVAC system and its maintenance repair, install or any other services. And, our experts would reach you, soon. Check out if your HVAC system is asking for help through any of the above-mentioned symptoms. If yes, then don’t delay in calling us.

Our executives are available at 045864032. Call us and get your service request registered. For additional details about our HVAC maintenance services, check our website and go through our customer reviews. Ask for a service quote!