Well, with time, technology is changing and getting advanced. Apart from rendering comfort in every sector, it doesn’t leave behind the primary one, i.e. your home. Being your permanent residence, it’s your sole responsibility to create a comfort zone for a peaceful and hassle-free living. During summer, when you are totally dependent on the AC, the usage of the thermostat is also inevitable. 

If you are having a first-generation thermostat at your home, which is based on Mercury, then it’s time to change it. Using outdated technology, in regards to the thermostat, indicates that you are missing out on all the essentials and advanced features. That is why you must acknowledge the main importance of upgrading the thermostat. 

Various Types of Thermostats 

There are basically 4 types of thermostats — Programmable, non-programmable, Wireless, and smart. But, on the very first point, you need to get an insight into the entire electrical architecture of your home. After that, take a note about the type of AC that you are using. Reviewing all the information, choose the desired thermostat for use. 

Important Reasons to Upgrade

For how long can you use the old thermostat? The new models and versions are already in the market, just waiting for you to bring them to your home. Still, confused? So, let’s learn about some of the primary reasons that prompt you to upgrade the thermostat. 

  1. The Accuracy 

As you know that the old thermostats are made up of mercury, that helps to notify and control the room temperature. It has a dedicated needle that locks the temperature, but sometimes it’s not up to the mark. On the other hand, the mercury level keeps on going up and down and doesn’t show the perfect temperature. That is why bringing the new and more advanced thermostat is important.

  1. Digital or Analogue?

The previous thermostats are analogue. But, now the modern ones are digitized. As technology has already stepped towards the field of digital technology, you also have to upgrade yourself. On the other hand, several people can argue that the analogue thermostats need low maintenance and the costing is less. 

Yes, absolutely true indeed. But what about the result? Are there any chances of getting the perfect deal? Yes, that’s the most important aspect that you must remember. The perfect results can only be delivered by the digital thermostats. But, here, if required, the repair cost stays in your budget. 

  1. The Remote Access

While you are relaxing, you might feel that the room temperature is fluctuating, often it is too low or high. As a result, adjustment is necessary. With an advanced thermostat, you gain a remote control feature. With the help of this, you can easily access and regulate the temperature of the device whenever you want. 

  1. The Monetary Savings 

Have you ever wondered why people set a thermostat in their room? For only adjusting the temperature? No, apart from controlling the temperature, you can also save electricity with the help of the device. Thus, at the end of the month, you can pile up a good monetary value.  

  1. Easy-to-Use 

In most advanced thermostats, nowadays, it is easy-to-use, flexible and quite accessible by anybody. All the functions are digital as well as automatic. The controls are powered by a backlit LED that will help you in operating the device easily in the dark. Thermostats also run with the help of Wi-Fi and you can also control them by mobile devices. 

  1. Compatible Zoning System 

If you are very much interested in installing the zoning system, then there are several thermostats that are compatible with this feature. If you are still having the old thermostat set in your home, then it’s the time to eliminate it. After installing the zoning system, select a new digital and zoning compatible thermostat and set it to your room. 

  1. Maintain Ecological Balance 

As you are using various types of appliances for your comfort, maintaining the ecological balance must be your first concern. A few thermostats exist that are programmed in such a way that it can maintain the ecological balance of nature. Previously, thermostats’ come with mercury, which is really toxic to the environment. Now, the digital ones are fully automated with either electricity or eco-friendly batteries. An excellent move performed by the researchers and innovators. 

  1. Enhance the Life-Span of the Heat Pump

A heating unit is generally present in the AC. After setting up the new thermostat, it will cut down the workload of the heating pump. As a result, the pump will work normally for a longer period of time. In the case of HVAC systems, there will be a reduction in the electricity bills if you keep on upgrading the thermostat at standard intervals. 

Sorting out Common Thermostat Issues 

Here are some of the common problems that are the obvious reasons for upgrading the old device — Electrical malfunctions, misplacement of the device due to longer usage, lack of optimum performance and efficiency, and many more. In order to eliminate all of these issues from your day-to-day life, the upgrade process is necessary. The advanced thermostats are less expensive, heavy-duty in nature and the energy regulation occurs in an innovative way compared to the old ones. 


Setting up the thermostat in your room and syncing with the AC is not an easy task. That is why it is better that you avoid risk and call the experts to set it up for you. With the help of Handyman Dubai, you can easily install any variant of the thermostat in your home. Further, with expert guidance, you can understand which device will be the best suited for you.