Home Appliances Repair

Home appliances have made our life easier. Additionally, with technological advancement, we have become immensely dependent on several electrical appliances. And, be it an air conditioning system or a refrigerator, with adequate maintenance and repair, you get to extend its longevity.

Additionally, every home appliance comes with a limited life expectancy. And, after that, at some or point or other, you might get major to minor abrupt glitches while using it. Apart from that, frequent use might reduce its functionality.

So, whenever, you hear any uncanny sound or any other electrical faults, get in touch with Handyman Dubai. And, we will help you to overcome every hurdle that can be encountered in different home appliances. 

Be it a faulty washing machine or broken garbage disposal, being a renowned home appliances repair Dubai, our professional team can help you with every part of it. So, book our service or request a free quote and reduce your stress level. 

Benefits of Home Appliances Repair Service

Lead a safe and healthy life with on-time home appliance repair services across Dubai.


Availing the best professional team to repair your home appliances is very convenient. Additionally, you can schedule a maintenance plan with them to safeguard the electronic devices. Besides, Handyman Dubai, being the largest service platform in Dubai offers easy access to the top-leading professionals who will arrive at your place to repair the complex issues. 


You don’t have to look for new home appliances, once you avail professional guidance to repair the critical issues. Additionally, the home appliances repair service ensures guaranteed repair solutions so that you won’t face such hurdles in the future. Additionally, you get to save thousands of bucks by just booking our premium quality appliances repair Dubai service. 

Less Time-Consuming

When you try to fix the home appliances on your own, it might be time-consuming. Additionally, without having adequate technical knowledge, you won’t be able to resolve the damages. So, it will be better if you leave the whole repairing job to the experts. They will eliminate all the issues with ease and bring back the functionality of the faulty appliances.

Are you looking for Professional Home Appliance Repair Services?

Handyman Dubai offers a wide range of home appliance repair services to every household owner. 

  • Being a reputable professional home appliance repair service, we offer a one year warranty on the repaired products.
  • Additionally, repair experts have massive skill in repairing every breakdown issue.
  • Moreover, home appliance specialists have extensive training to deal with critical wiring works. 
  • Besides, they have acquired decades of experience. And, they can identify the leakages or minor cracks easily.
  • Apart from that, our professional team avails all the safety measures while tackling the electrical issues of your home essentials.  
  • With poorer professional support, the home appliances will again provide their optimal function. 

Reach Out to us For Immediate Repair Service 

Home appliances provide us with a lavish lifestyle and save our time by its efficient performance. So, a damage-free home appliance is needed in our everyday life. Handyman Dubai is there to assist you with onsite home appliances repair Dubai. Additionally, with our technical support, you can repair every single appliance that is in a fault condition. 

We check all our customers’ feedback and we hardly work on them to make our service network incomparable across Dubai. And, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can let us know by calling at 045864032. Moreover, you can even email us at  [email protected] mentioning your concerns.

What Our Customers have to Say?

“It’s been almost one year since I got to know about Handyman Dubai. And, since that day, I only rely on the repair experts if I get into any trouble with my home appliances. A few days back, I booked their service to repair my washing machine. They did an amazing repair job as usual. I feel very blessed to have such excellent repair service agencies in Dubai.”

-Juma al-Majid

“You can reach out to them anytime. Moreover, professionals are easy to book. Additionally, they have also kept the payment process simple and short. They picked my call on time and helped me to get rid of the faulty toaster issues. Thank you, Handyman Dubai.”

-Adnan Khan

“I booked their service two days ago and their high-quality service left me speechless. And, they have efficiently repaired the damaged parts of my washing machine. I am very much grateful to them. Thank you for such an outgoing service. I would definitely call them in the future to retrieve other home appliances issues.”

-Ahmad Bin Byat

“Very much pleased with their service. And, the professionals are very polite, trustable, and hard working. Additionally, they will explain everything while repairing the broken parts of the water heater. I am definitely going to recommend them to my friends and family.”

-Fahad Alhashmi


What services do you offer for home maintenance in Dubai?

We offer a wide range of services, including plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, AC repair, and more.

Are your technicians licensed and experienced?

Our technicians are highly trained, licensed, and experienced to handle various home maintenance tasks.

What are your service charges, and do you offer transparent pricing?

Our service charges vary depending on the task, and we provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

Can you handle air duct cleaning and maintenance for HVAC systems?

Yes, we offer air duct cleaning and maintenance services to improve indoor air quality.

Do you offer a warranty for your maintenance work in UAE?

We offer a warranty for our services, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Are your technicians trained to handle smart home technology installations?

Yes, our technicians are trained to install and troubleshoot various smart home technologies.

Do you handle waterproofing for roofs and balconies?

Yes, we provide waterproofing services for roofs, balconies, and other vulnerable areas.