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Sometimes, you might notice that while washing dirty dishes, water isn’t draining from the kitchen sink. You continue to wash the dishes but the water flow simply gets slower. This is really frustrating. Isn’t it?

The situation simply indicates that your kitchen sink drain is clogged and you have to unclog it. Now, when it comes to unclogging a kitchen sink, experts associated with plumbing Dubai services, advise you not to use any chemical-based drain cleaners. As these chemical solutions can seriously harm your eye and skin and lead to some serious health problems.

Hence, our experts suggest you try to unclog the sink in a natural way. You can easily prepare these cleaning solutions at your home, while some cleaning methods require a simple plunger.

Unclog the Kitchen Sink With Natural Cleaning Solution

In case, you note that the kitchen sink draining gives off an odour or draining very slowly or even not draining, you need to take the problem seriously. If you do not fix the issue, this can even break the pipes. Fortunately, based on our several years of experience, experts associated with plumbing Dubai have come with an effective cleaning solution that you can attempt, to unclog the drain, without damaging it.

1. Use Boiling Water

If hair, soap residue, grease and other loose particles get stuck in the kitchen sink, we suggest you use boiling water to unclog the drain. This is one of the easiest ways to unclog the drain, and we advise you to apply this cleaning solution first.

Now, to use this procedure, at first, you need to place a pot of water or a kettle on the stove and heat the water. Then, directly pour the boiling water in the opening of the door. Activate the faucet to check whether the water drains in the normal way or not. 

Unfortunately, if the sink is still slowly draining, then it’s recommended to repeat the process several times. In case, the drain is connected to the PVC pipes, then don’t apply this method as the boiling water might damage the pipe.

2. Inspect the Garbage Disposal

According to the plumbing Dubai experts, if your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal, then it can be the root cause for the draining issue. So, if you encounter that the clog is within the disposal, simply power on the garbage disposal as it will break the blockage. 

Remember that, sometimes the overheated garbage disposal might not function properly. In this situation, we advise you to press the Reset button for a reboot. Then, again power on the garbage disposal and try to remove the clog. 

In case you have turned on the garbage disposal and hear a sound, it means the garbage unit is damaged or broken. In such a situation, you should call a professional expert, like us to fix the problem.

3. Unclog the Sink with Plunge

So, you have discovered that the garbage isn’t the problem? Now, it’s time to use a plunger. Keep in mind, you should use a flat-bottomed plunger to accomplish the task. 

Thereafter, you need to fill half of the kitchen sink with hot water, as well as create a seal, around the drain. Place the plunger over the opening of the drain and start pumping up. You are advised to repeat the process a couple of times.

Thereafter, take out the plunger and see if the water drains fast enough or not. Still, your kitchen sink isn’t draining properly? Then, it’s time to apply for another cleaning procedure.

4. Use Vinegar & Baking Soda

It is the best natural alternative to the chemical cleaning solution and produces the same cleaning result. Apart from this, you will easily get baking soda and vinegar in your kitchen. 

Now, at first, you have to pour one cup of baking soda in the drain. After that, pour one cup of fresh white vinegar in the drain opening. Use a stopper on the drain in order to seal the opening.

Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and let the mixture unclog the drain. Furthermore, remove the seal and pour boiled water in the drain. 

As per the experts, this natural alternative can give 100% unclogging results. However, if you don’t get the required result in the first attempt, then we advise you to repeat the procedure and totally unclog the drain.

5. Use a Dry Vacuum to Unclog the Drain

It’s another easy cleaning method that can be used to unclog the drain. Now, first, you need to set the dry vacuum for the wet use. To do so, just follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Afterwards, put the hose end at the opening of the drain. After that, around the drain, as well as at the end of the hose, create a tight seal. In case, you are using a double sink and you see that the clog is on only one side, then we suggest you use a rubber stopper, seal the opposite side. Power on the vacuum to the highest settings. Hope, the vacuum pressure must unclog the drain.

6. Clean the P-Trap

Sometimes, because of a blockage in the P-trap, water will not drain properly. Food and other loose particles might be stuck in the pipe and as a result, water might drain slowly. 

Before starting the process, we strongly advise you to be prepared with gloves, towels and other essentials. After that, take out the P-trap. This is usually located inside the cabinet. Then, you need to place a pan below the drain to catch the debris that might fall out. In addition, remove all the debris that might be stuck in the P-trap. Finally, run hot water to completely unclog the drain.


We believe the kitchen is the most important place in the house. And, if water from the kitchen sink drains slowly, then it can lead to a horrible situation. Hope these tips will surely help you to fix the problem. However, if you think these to be a lengthy process, simply call the plumbing Dubai professionals. Handyman Dubai can help you to locate proficient assistance instantly, so why wait, book a service.