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A DIY renovation sounds fun until you get stuck in the middle of it and do not know how to proceed. At this point, you may consider hiring a handyman for the tedious home renovation, repair, or regular maintenance. After all, it’s important to make your property look and feel good along with securing a safe and comfortable mode of living.

On a related note, not every handyman is a jack of all trades and you have to mind that. Hence, it’s important to check the skills and experience of a specific handyman before hiring the professional. However, that’s not all. 

Indeed, you must know and consider a few points before you commit to a handyman professional. That’s why Handyman Dubai presents a guide so that you can study the required factors and make an informed decision.


7 Things to Find Out Before You Hire a Handyman

Hiring a handyman Dubai professional is challenging as you expect an expert with proven skills, and reliable experience, and that should fit in your budget. Additionally, you need to maintain a safe and healthy home. Hence, you must go the extra mile to make sure that your choice should be the one.

If you have never hired such a tradesperson, don’t worry as the guide tells you what to look for in a handyman in Dubai. Be your property maintenance or small household repair, not every time you require an experienced builder who holds expertise in a specific trade. 

Instead, you can rely on some trustworthy handymen who can efficiently handle your project. Whether you have dug up a few handyman services Dubai names from Google or received recommendations from family and friends, take the following aspects into account.

1. Experience and References

For obvious reasons, you don’t want to hire a beginner to fix your plumbing leaks or install an air conditioning unit. Experience matters in assuring a higher efficiency of the assigned task and double-checking your security. 

Therefore, you should only consider an expert handyman who has a reputation in the industry and has been in the business for years now. Apart from investigating their experience, make sure that the handyman in Dubai can provide you with a decent number of references.

Through references, you can find out about the professional’s skill levels, expertise, work ethics, punctuality, and reliability. Call those references (at least 3) to find out that they are on the same page when you ask about their opinions about the specific handyman.

On the other hand, you can ask your friends circle and family to make a safe choice. Often, you will come up with a reliable handyman professional when you consider real-life customer referrals and word of mouth. In fact, your close ones will recommend the professionals who they have enjoyed working with in the past.

2. Level of Skills

Looking for handyman services near me with a long list of repairs? It’s utterly important to ensure that the hired handyman is capable of the project you are interested in. Not every handyman can fix electrical fixtures just like you won’t go to a general practitioner if you require surgery.

For example, you must hire a handyman specialising in electricity if you want to repair fuse boxes or similar electrical components. Extensive projects should be assigned to a skilful tradesperson rather than hiring a professional who claims to be an all-rounder.

If your electrical or plumbing work goes wrong, severe consequences await you. Not to mention, your property and your loved ones’ safety can be at stake. So, always hire a specialist if you need a jammed door to be functional or a drain to be unclogged.

3. Licensure and Other Legal Documents

You might overlook the necessity of verifying this sort of detail when it comes to picking the best handyman service near me. However, this is not a wise step at all. If the handyman retains an injury while working at your home, you might have to spend extra bucks. You are entirely liable for any injury on the job in case the handyman doesn’t have liability insurance.

Apart from that, you might have to compensate for any damage caused by the worker if they have no valid insurance for it. Therefore, you should look for a Handyman Dubai expert who covers all such expenses under a valid insurance policy.

On the other hand, the professional tradesperson should have earned a license from the local and/or state government as proof of their authenticity and specialisation. In short, hiring a licensed and insured handyman is the best action you can take to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your property safe.

Otherwise, you might risk your safety and convenience if you hire a handyman lacking those qualifications.

4. Requirements

Besides verifying your next hire’s skills, experience, and licensure, it’s important to be clear about what you want from the handyman. Organise all your repair, maintenance, or renovation requirements. In addition, you must take care of the budget for the handyman services Dubai.

Many experts including companies offer a free estimate so ask about it before finalising the deal. Moreover, prioritise the most needed repair works first. Track the most important repairs and figure out whether the expense will be within your budget. 

5. Reputation

Great advertising techniques may not involve the best handymen across the town. Before you trust all those marketing gimmicks, you should verify the handyman company or contractor’s reputation. Make sure that the shortlisted choices have the following entities:

  • Industry affiliations
  • Ratings and reviews from real customers

You can check the respective website to check out submitted ratings and reviews. Avoid all-bad and all-good reviewed contractors as they can be shady. As a quick help, you can consider ratings and reviews submitted on Yelp, Google, Trustpilot, etc. sites as real customers often express their opinions about the tradespeople there.

Additionally, don’t forget to verify the license as mentioned on the business website. You can also check expiration dates as you can never be too careful when it comes to your home and business. It may sound rude to investigate the reputation of a certain plumbing company or contractor but it’s important to ensure your benefits.

6. Labour and Materials Cost

Here comes the most important heads-up for those looking for a handyman in Dubai: Don’t settle for the cheapest contractor. A reasonable bidder may not be able to provide you with high-quality materials and excellent service.

However, you can surely interpret how the use of low-quality materials in a home renovation project might induce a minor or major collapse. Additionally, it’s difficult to vouch for the standards of the most reasonable or cheapest handyman services near me in Dubai.

So, don’t fall for a too-good-to-be-true deal. Make sure that you go through the wide range of services along with the prices associated as mentioned by the handyman service provider. In addition, ask how the handyman expert or contractor will charge: by hour, half an hour, or the project.

Ask the company if it offers free estimates. Many reputed handyman contractors in Dubai offer free estimates after reviewing the scope of the work. Moreover, don’t forget to ask them whether they will be responsible for supplying the materials. You must avoid those handymen who promise a low estimate or quote without an explanation.

Try to get multiple quotes from different handyman businesses or contractors. It’s better if companies break down the services along with their costs. After that, you can compare them and find the right deal according to your requirements. 

7. Availability of Handymen

Some handyman experts offer services on specific days of a week and that too for specific hours. If it’s a routine maintenance that you require then you won’t mind hiring a handyman who offers such a limited-time service.

However, accidents may arrive out of the blue and you want an emergency handyman service. For example, a clogged toilet won’t wait for any handyman until it’s morning if the mishap takes place in the middle of the night.

So, you have to count on flexibility and availability while considering a handyman who can accommodate your needs. After all, you might need urgent assistance outside of the usual business hours, especially if you have a busy schedule. Instead of compromising your needs, look out for a Handyman Dubai service that can serve you the right.

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Additional Tips to Book the Best Handyman in Dubai

By now, you might have sorted some reputed and verified handyman contractors in Dubai. After you make a list of licensed and expert handymen to screen, call them and ask questions related to your service requirements.

For example, you can ask how the expert will charge, what kind of payment mode they accept, how long the project will take, and whether the project requires a handyman alone or a team of professionals. The more you communicate, the better results you can ensure from a Handyman Dubai specialist.