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Moving to Dubai and finding a trusted handyman can be a challenge. The search for the ‘jack of all trades’ such as plumbing, electrical works, painting jobs, lawn care, and so on is hectic if you don’t know where to look and how to pick the right professional.

Do you need help getting a reliable handyman service in Dubai? The guide will tell you how to land a trusted and speedy handyman service without schvitzing over it. Let’s check out how you can choose a trustworthy and responsible handyman service in Dubai, shall we?

Look for Good Candidates

The very first step to discovering a great handyman service Dubai or a contractor is to begin by searching in the right places. Since you are new to the city, you can rely on word of mouth. Ask your neighbours and colleagues if they have had any handyman projects done and who they would recommend.

On the other hand, you can call your real estate agent and check if they have any particular suggestions. You can get referrals from other tradespersons, for example, from the technician who installed your air conditioner. They can be a great source of recommending a reliable handyman service locally.

Otherwise, you can check out community bulletin boards in an organised community or a condo building. Visit your local hardware store and you might come across contractors’ advertisements there. On the other hand, you can simply Google and find some worthy mentions of handyman services around you.

Go Through Reviews and Reputation

By now, you must have collected a few handyman service names. However, the drill is not to immediately hire a professional. Rather, you have to sort them according to your handyman’s expertise, reliability, budget, and other relevant factors. You must make sure that the chosen handyman service can get your project done.

The best way to confirm this is to research the reputation of the handyman services you have been eyeing. Typically, the official websites of these service providers and contractors put up only positive reviews. So, dig up the truth by visiting different social media platforms, community forums, and apps.

Positive reviews from previous and real customers indicate that you can expect satisfactory handyman service from the respective provider. Focus on reviews that speak about the company’s expertise, professionalism, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and credibility.

Examine Featured Services

Handyman services can be versatile and different from one place to another. For example, some handyman services provide a vast array of home improvement jobs whereas others may offer a wide range of painting, plumbing, furniture assembly, electrical work, etc.

So, pick the handyman service Dubai that can help you with the project in your mind. For example, you would look for a plumbing expert or contractor if you have faced a plumbing emergency and not an electrician. After all, handymen are trained to handle a variety of emergencies still, you will prefer an expert.

Besides checking the expertise, you should look for the experience of the contractor or business in terms of years. An experienced professional service means that they can deliver the right assistance and stand out in the competition. Keeping these small things in mind while shortlisting multiple handyman services will help you choose the best one.

Don’t Skip Insurance and Licensure

Before you commit to any handyman service, you must check if the listed handyman companies have a valid insurance policy and licensure. A reputable and reliable business must have the required insurance papers to cover both customers and handymen in case of any accidents during the job.

On the other hand, the existence of a license makes sure that the company abides by all the necessary respective guidelines in Dubai. So, you can check the online profiles of the handyman service providers and find out if they claim to be duly insured and licensed. Otherwise, you can contact them individually and confirm the validity of their licensure and insurance.

Investigate Availability and Turnaround Time

The promptness of any handyman service provider can be the indication of whether the contractor is the right choice for you. An accident can happen at any time and all you need is an available handyman professional to tackle the situation. So, always look for a reliable handyman service that is available all around the clock.

In addition, ensure that the handyman service offers a quick response time. Be it a scheduled maintenance, home improvement project, or emergency repair – prioritise a business that can accommodate your busy life.

Inspect the Company’s Background Check and Screening Procedure

Your home is your safe place and you don’t want to compromise that at any cost. Thus, it’s normal to be sceptical about the professional handyman who is about to step into your house. Is it safe to invite them to your home?

Now, you can feel safe when inviting experts in if you take care of a few major points. Go through the background check and screening processes of the respective company or business before you hire a professional. Once you verify that the company conducts thorough background checks for their employees, you can retain peace of mind.

Be Sure of the Workmanship Quality

The essence of finding a premium handyman service Dubai is to check if it has the required skills. On a related note, you need to be 100% sure of their high standard of workmanship. Find out whether the handyman service provider has skilled and experienced tradespeople.

Any handyman service that’s worth its salt should be able to get testimonials from satisfied customers and clients. So, ask the handyman to provide a list of references depending on your preference. Be aware of those candidates who refuse to give out their references’ contact information.

It means that they might be hiding something from you. You can also ask for before and after photos of their completed projects. Thus, you can get an idea of the handyman service Dubai quality.

Inquire about Pricing Policy

After you have settled on a few candidates, you must check out their competitive pricing policies. A trustworthy handyman service should be able to offer pricing details upfront. As a result, you will know what to expect before the project begins.

After all, hidden charges and extra fees can be confusing. In addition, check if the service provider is willing to sign a detailed written contract. Go through the contract to confirm the following items:

  • Main provisions
  • The timeframe to complete the project
  • Estimated cost and inclusions
  • Payment methods

Ensure that every term satisfies your preferences. Only after that, you can sign the contract. No matter how small or big the handyman project is, repeat the same process to get a reliable handyman service. 

Preview the Customer Support

Apart from an expert handyman team, you must pay attention to how efficient the customer support is from the respective company. A swift and friendly customer service can make a big difference and impact your overall handyman experience.

You can contact the customer support team of multiple handyman service providers and check how they handle your queries and address your concerns. In addition, they must be able to solve your scheduling and cancelling inquiries without delay.

See if the Business Offers a Warranty

Many handyman contractors mention a written warranty in the formal contract. The existence of a warranty can verify the reliability of the contractor as the business will remain responsible if anything wrong happens within the specified warranty period. Moreover, the handyman will return to your place and fix the problem at no extra cost.

So, you should prioritise businesses that offer a warranty and be sure that your handyman project is in trustworthy hands. Don’t forget to inquire about the warranty period and inclusions from your selected handyman partner. 

How Easily Can You Book the Handyman Service?

Nowadays, most on-demand handyman services accept requests through applications and online platforms. Such online platforms provide easy booking options, scheduling, payment modes, real-time tracking, and much more. A user-friendly interface is a convenient option to book Handyman service Dubai and can enhance your experience with the handyman service.

So, you have to be considerate of the business’s reputation, expertise, experience, licensure, insurance, transparent pricing, customer support, and other important factors before you commit. Additionally, prioritise stability, safety, and professionalism to select the best handyman service in Dubai.