The entire world is still suffering from the pandemic situation. That is why for the past few months, there have been severe restrictions in relocating from one country to another. Moving to the land of opportunities, i.e. Dubai, will require severe precautions. You might need the help of a specialized team such as packers and movers Dubai, to carry your own belongings safely. 

According to the UAE government, newcomers have to undergo certain tests. In addition to that, they need to show previous test reports and it is mandatory. If someone is tested positive, then he/she will be under strict observation in the airport, where a separate section is made known as quarantine. 

While moving to Dubai…

You must maintain the most important things on the first note. This will be helpful for you to stay safe and stay healthy at this new place. The entire process is very much challenging, but it is mandatory to maintain an ultimate germ-free environment.

  • Cleaning and Sanitization 

This is one of the most vital steps while moving into a new place, in a new country. A special team with sophisticated equipment is required for this process. Always try to pick an organization that provides reliable service, which is certified by the UAE government. The journey, as well as the process of relocation, is very much stressful. To retain the inner peace, you need experts to do the cleaning and sanitization process for you before arriving. 

  • The Start-up Process

After clearing all the necessary objects at the airport, it is time to move on. When you are having a large amount of bags and baggage, it is not at all possible for you to do that alone. So, you need a group of people, join with packers and movers Dubai, who help to relocate your belongings from one place to another. 

Whenever you hire them, make sure that they belong to a reputed organization. Before that, they must maintain certain safety measures, as directed by the health department of the UAE. 

  • A complete health test before giving a heads up
  • Faces masks and covers are mandatory
  • Maintain social distance amongst each other
  • The sanitization of the vehicle that will carry the belongings

After that, you might inform someone close to you to stay at the destination. Before the initiation of the process, you might need a few documentation regarding various matters like contract ID, payment procedure, name of the people working, necessary equipment required and others. 

  • Deploy a Handyman 

After reaching the place safely, there is no time to settle down as there is more work to do. A new country, a new place will not be absolutely clean and tidy. After making the final settlement with the packers and movers Dubai, you need to step up towards the handyman service. 

A new place must be clean and tidy as you have to choose a good and reputed handyman service in Dubai. After making an appointment, check their ID and other documents before allowing them to your new place. They will help you to clean up the new place. 

  • Check Your Surroundings 

As the matter of interior cleanliness is over, now it is the time to take care of the outer place environment, i.e. your surroundings. Plants around your house can maintain the ecological balance, but excessive growth will welcome certain insects. That is why hiring pest control is one of the mandatory tasks. Insects like cockroaches, leeches, bedbugs, termites, and others are pests should be eliminated to avoid various types of diseases. 

  • Setup the Interior-Environment

Cleaned doors, windows, fresh curtains and others will increase the beauty of your new place’s interior part. There are handyman services available in Dubai. Avail a reputable service and they will do the task for you. Furthermore, they will also help you to clean the necessary items and help you with vacuuming. 

  • Checking out the Indoor Units 

Dubai is the land of hot and humid climate. In order to survive the scorching heat, an AC unit is a ‘must need’ the item. If the AC in your new place has not yet been through servicing, you must deploy the AC cleaning from the handyman team to do it, before the first run. An unserviced AC machine contains various types of dust, dirt as well as germs. In addition to that, the service will also improve cooling and save electricity. 

  • Have a Look at the ‘to-do’ list

As you have moved to a new country, it is obvious that you have taken your place at rent. Talk to your landlord and settle down the matters like the contract, maintenance charges, and others. Request him/her to transfer the necessary items like the utility items, internet and telecommunications, connection for TV, and others. 

UAE’s Government Welcomes the New Guests 

The federal government of the United Arab Emirates has set up various exclusive schemes for newcomers. The first and most important one is supporting an individual’s economic condition. If anyone is willing to buy a new vehicle, he/she will only have to pay 75% of the down payment money and the discount is 25%. 

In addition to that, there is also a reduction in the money of water, electricity, telephone, and many more, about 10%. So, relocate with ease and seek help from Handyman Dubai for prompt either assistance and that too at a reasonable price.