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Home Furnishing

Dubai has all the elements to provide you with a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle. From premium residences to glimmering skyscrapers, you have so many options in this cosmopolitan oasis. Apart from such opportunities, homeowners in Dubai find it challenging to maintain their homes due to its heat, humidity, and dusty surroundings.

As a responsible homeowner or landlord, you might be looking for some efficient home maintenance tips from Dubai handyman professionals. Maintaining your home is necessary to keep up with the aesthetics as well as the safety of your loved ones. 

For example, a sudden leak in the plumbing line, a malfunctioning air conditioner, stray wires, mouldy walls, etc. can pose a threat to the residents if they are unchecked. So, you can take the following preventive measures and consider help from professionals to thrive in this desert city.

1. Combatting Dust and Indoor Pollution

Due to scorching temperatures and heat, Dubai is prone to sandstorms. That’s why the handyman service Dubai experts suggest shielding against sandstorms. Sealing your windows and doors properly can protect your living space. On the other hand, a thorough and more frequent cleaning can keep your home free from fine particles.

So, regular dusting and vacuuming places where sand might accumulate more easily can lead to comfortable living in Dubai. In addition, you can purchase high-quality doormats so that sand can’t peep into your property.

Besides every nook and cranny, your home’s HVAC system can accumulate dust and it can affect the efficiency of your ventilation device. Now, getting rid of dust from the interior of ventilation ducts and the HVAC system is quite difficult. In this situation, you should consider a professional expertise to clean your HVAC system and keep your home breathable.

On the other hand, your home should get a deep clean at least once a year. A deep cleaning will eradicate dust, grime, and mould from your home. Many cleaning service providers in Dubai offer sanitisation and disinfection to kill germs and protect the sanity of your sanctuary.

2. Air Conditioner Maintenance

Dubai is known for its extreme temperature, especially during the summer months. All you need is a fully functioning and robust air conditioner that can take the heat and provide you with the comfort you are looking for. Not to mention, an unexpected breakdown of your air conditioner can make you schvitzing and affect the entire HVAC system.

As a quick fix, you can check air filters to be sure of optimal airflow. Additionally, you can clean and replace air filters of the HVAC system if required. However, some signs might indicate that your air conditioning unit requires emergency Dubai handyman intervention. You can hire an AC expert to clean and maintain your HVAC system at least once or twice a year.

For villas, the outdoor component of the air conditioner is one of the most neglected parts. Debris, grass, and plant growth can obstruct the equipment. Consequently, your air conditioner might stop working or operate less efficiently. On the other hand, your equipment might end up consuming more energy than required if it’s left unchecked.

Therefore, opt for a professional to maintain your HVAC system. Typically, most handyman service Dubai experts offer the following tasks as a part of AC maintenance and cleaning:

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Inspecting blower, condenser, and evaporator coils
  • Examining the airflow from ducts
  • Checking drip pan and condensate drain lines
  • Reviewing safety controls
  • Checking refrigerant pressure and level
  • Cleaning vents and ducts
  • Air filter cleaning and replacement

Even with regular maintenance, the air conditioner can wear out. So, don’t hesitate to hire an AC repair professional if you find the appliance to be problematic. The skilled and experienced technician should be able to identify the fault and replace the erroneous part immediately.

3. Maintaining Order among Plumbing Lines

Wasting water in the dry climate of Dubai feels like a hate crime. As a responsible homeowner and resident, you must prioritise water conservation no matter where you live in the world. On the other hand, continuous water leaking from plumbing systems or pipes can result in high water consumption bills. However, routine maintenance of the overall plumbing system is the key to preventing this expensive and unethical incident.

A poorly maintained plumbing system such as an overflowing tub, gurgling toilet, and leaky faucet can be a serious concern. In most situations, clogged and leaking pipes are the main culprits. However, handling plumbing accidents might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Ensure to contact a plumbing specialist as soon as possible.

In fact, preventive plumbing maintenance and inspection are a great investment that you can consider as a homeowner. They are available at comparatively low costs. In addition, they can save your property from critical home maintenance costs. So, book a skilled and trained plumber or handyman who knows how to detect the problem and solve it.

If you are about to move into a new residence in Dubai, make sure that you hire an experienced handyman. This will save you from facing uncomfortable situations in the kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, you can get rid of occasional clogged drains, broken pipes, overflowing toilets, and much more with regular plumbing maintenance from certified experts.

Since pools can provide instant comfort during summer, you should keep your pool water fresh and hygienic. Pay attention to pumps, filters, and pool chemicals to keep the water quality and equipment longevity intact. Hire professional Dubai handyman experts for the best results. Meanwhile, use pool covers to reduce evaporation and the wastage of water.

4. Electrical Circuits and Components

The lighting of your home can set the perfect mood and turn your place into a cosy space. So, you must consider safe electrical wiring as a short circuit can destroy your mental peace. Moreover, your and your family’s safety can be at stake due to a faulty wiring system.

Dealing with wires and other electrical components is critical and you may not be an expert in this field. We recommend not taking any risks with the overall electrical wiring. Instead, choose only certified, licensed, and experienced handyman service Dubai for electrical inspection, repair, and maintenance.

On the other hand, you can take some preventive maintenance steps by monitoring your home appliances and electrical equipment. For instance, you can walk around your home and touch electrical system surfaces, switches, etc. If they feel warm to touch then chances are that the electrical system is overheating.

However, overheating and similar problems must be addressed by a reputable electrician or handyman only. Additionally, your home requires immediate intervention from an expert if the circuit breaker keeps tripping or the fuses keep blowing. Prompt electrical repairs can save you from disasters and help you save on electricity bills.

5. Overall Home Inspections

Take your time and walk around your home on weekend mornings. You might come across a few instances that will indicate that your home requires swift maintenance and repair. For example, you might discover that the paint is peeling off. In addition, you might prefer checking your kitchen sink and eliminating the pipe grease.

Or, you have to check the roof for leaks and other issues. Undoubtedly, these home maintenance tasks are tedious but they are unskippable if you want to keep your property free from unwanted damage. Additionally, overall home inspection and maintenance can keep your property more comfortable.

Focus on indoor and outdoor sealing as it helps in insulating your home from excessive temperature, dust, and moisture. Leaks in the insulation system can make your air conditioner run cycles more frequently. As a result, you may notice a surge in your electricity bills. Hence, you must replace your interior and exterior seals every five years to keep a healthy airflow inside your home.

Paying attention to your exterior landscaping is equally important for homeowners in Dubai. Ensure that you choose hardy and drought-tolerant plants that are perfect for the climate of Dubai. The existence of efficient irrigation systems can make your landscape thrive. Moreover, don’t forget to trim and maintain greenery to keep your outdoor spaces pleasing.

Wrapping Up…

Emergencies can pop up without any prior signal. So, you have to be ready for any emergency but you should keep a Dubai handyman service contact handy to tackle them immediately. Seek a professional’s support when things go over the head. After all, your home’s well-being is directly proportional to your family’s safety and security. So, hire a professional to meet your home requirements if you find home maintenance daunting.