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water problem

Plumbing issues if ignored can lead to disastrous effects. A little leak or unnoticed break can rapidly transform into infrastructural damage. Thus, before the water damage exceeds its safety mark, the first thing you need to do is contact a reliable plumbing services Dubai agency. 

However, before you call in a professional, here are some basic preventive measures that you can try in order to deal with potential plumbing repair, replacement or instalments. But, experts always suggest that, if you are not capable of carrying out the critical plumbing and electrical changes, then do not risk your life and leave it to the professionals.

How to Deal with the Water Problems/Damages?

If you have the right tools, you can quickly learn how to prevent common water issues like clogged drains, leak and bursting of pipes. However, if you wish to fix the water damage within a very short period without much expenditure, just call Handyman Dubai associated with plumbing service Dubai

Now, let’s see how we can take the basic safety measures to protect your house from water damage.

  • Well-Maintain your Pipes

Remember, water pipes are not built to serve you forever. After a certain time, due to rust, water and corrosion, it will definitely get damaged. Hence, to avoid the leaks and bursts, you need to think about re-piping. 

Also, due to the cold water, the pipe insulations might get damaged. In such a case, you need to keep the heat on, so set the thermostat at a constant temperature.

  • Protect the Kitchen & Bathroom Sink

Cooking oil, grease, as well as other, loosen debris, can get stuck in the pipes of the kitchen sink and because of this, the water is unable to flow through the pipe. In this situation, try to throw the food debris in the dustbin. Also, make it a habit to regularly flush the drain. 

On the other hand, the bathroom sink can be quickly clogged with the soap residue and hair. As a result, water will be unable to flow through the pipes. So, we advise you to clean the sink with a vacuum cleaner. 

  • Inspect the Main Valve

Though your plumbing system might have different valves, if the main shut-off valve becomes clogged, surely you need to spend a lot of money to repair it. The main valve controls the water flow in and out of your house and in order to prevent the random flow of water. So, you have to make sure that it is in proper working condition.

Experts associated with plumbing service Dubai, usually suggest detecting the main valve. Most of the time, you will see it at the lowest level of your house near the street. Once you find it, then test it and ensure that you can properly turn off the main valve. Apart from this, hang a tag on the main valve. So, even if you aren’t present in your house, anybody else can quickly turn off the main valve.

  • Check the Laundry Connection

This is another important factor for which you might have to deal with the water damage. If the set of rubber connection hoses sets in the washing machine gets damaged, then it can lead to a water leak problem. Also, if the hoses pipes are dry or burst out, then your house can get filled with water, flooding it. 

However, with basic safety precautions, you can easily avoid the problem. You must regularly inspect the hoses and detect the presence of blisters and cracks. Apart from this, we suggest you regularly clean the hoses. Also, if you are using the rubber connection hoses, then it is time to change the hoses with steel models. 

  • Check the Water heater

You can use the water heater for 10 to 15 years. However, if any leak occurs, then either the water heater will undergo a breakdown or can lead to a flooded situation. Hence, we advise you to check your water heater regularly and try to detect any signs of leakage or rusting at the tank fitting. In case you have detected any leakage, don’t try to fix it on your own and instantly call Handyman Dubai associated with plumbing services Dubai.

  • Give Special Attention to the Toilet

It will always be a challenging task to deal with an overflowing toilet. Also, depending on the source of water leakage, repairing tasks can be very costly and tricky. Especially, if you are using an old plumbing system. Hence, we advise you to safely use your bathroom as well as avoid anything that can cause a backup- like, leftover food (grease and oils), paper towels. Due to all these items, water can overflow from the drain.

  • Check the Underground Sprinkler System

It’s necessary to understand the entire plumbing infrastructure. So, in case, you are planning for a tunnelling project, you must be aware of the whereabouts of the pipes present below ground. Apart from this, over time, you should check the sprinkler heads and ensure that all the pipes are working properly. Also, before the winter season, you need to winterize the system in order to prevent additional damages.

  • Ensure that the Plumbing System has Proper Ventilation

For a solid plumbing system, ventilation is important. Ventilation allows the wastewater to pass via the drain pipes as well as reduces gases and odours from your house. Remember that, you must select the proper material for the ventilation pipes. Also, when it comes to indoor plumbing, you shouldn’t cut the corners. 

Lots of dry & wet venting options are available in the market. Every venting has pros and cons. To understand, which venting option will be perfect for you, simply get in touch with the professionals of the plumbing services Dubai.


Just like regular maintenance, taking every safety precaution can minimize the water damage risk. Still, emergency situations can arise and at that moment you should take expert help. You can rely on Handyman Dubai for a high-ending solution for all your plumbing problems. So, visit the website and book a plumbing service.