Your house is always in need of proper maintenance and care. You would surely want to provide that to it. However, you might be unable to do so for various reasons. It might be that you have a tight schedule and unable to focus on your home as a result. Even if you can do so, there are various services that you might require. In most cases, you’d have to book them separately. However, what if you can get all the maintenance, repair and other services you need from one place? For that, you don’t have to look any further. We at Handyman Dubai can provide for all your requirements in this matter. Moreover, our services are now available in Emirates HIlls as well.

Services brought to you by Handyman Emirates Hills

With a dedicated and professional team, we bring to you a host of different services essential for the well-being of your home. You can book them with just a phone call. Here are some of our highest-rated services:-

  1. Handyman services

As our name suggests, this is our main service. We started by providing this and then moved to others. We undoubtedly have considerable experience in it. That’s why this happens to be our most popular service. This includes installing and assembling furniture, drilling walls with nails for various purposes, installing curtains and rods, mounting wall brackets and shelves, and more. No tasks are too small for us and our workforce will handle these with the same dedication they show in case of bigger ones.

  1. Plumbing installation and repairing

One of the most important parts of your house is arguably the plumbing. You need to maintain it in a proper condition. You probably know very well how tricky it can be to deal with plumbing problems. So you need a professional to deal with it. With us, you can keep your mind at peace and say goodbye to all your plumbing issues, whether it be indoor or outdoor. We can fix water leaks, repair taps and showers, fix all kinds of problems that show up in your water pump, and even replace your bathtub among others.

  1. Appliance repair service

There are many big and small appliances that you use in your home. Many of them play an essential role in your daily life. However, you never know they’ll face an issue or simply break down. With our appliance repairs services, you can keep your mind at peace in that event. We can also provide emergency services if you need them for repairing fridges, ACs, sockets, washing machines, and even fixing short circuits.

  1. House painting service

Planning on changing the look of your home? Have a particular design or colour in mind? Get your home the kind of look that you want with our customizable painting services.

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