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christmas light

You must have surely bookmarked a couple of ideas to decorate your room with Christmas lights. You do not need a festive season to execute the plan. The Christmas lights can be countless arrangements to render a stylish and aesthetic appearance to your room. These lights are chic, inexpensive, and can cause a room immediately to feel hotter and cosier.

You will get these lights at any local store which contains home furnishing items. The Christmas lights generally come in either dark green or white cords, with a multitude of bulb colors. Hence, when you purchase a Christmas light, check the color consistently.

However, the question is, how can you hang the lights to give a new look to your home? Don’t worry as here we are about to discuss the easy tips that will surely make the task easy for you.

3 Tips to Hang the Christmas Lights on your House 

Christmas lights can provide a festive warmth to your home and bedroom. In case, you think of hanging these lights and giving a new look to your home, then read more to achieve the best result.

  • Hang the Christmas Lights from the Ceiling

To apply this procedure, you have to follow the steps provided below:

Use Battery Powered lights

To make things easier, you are advised to rely upon the battery lights over the electric light. Remember that, when you opt for battery lights, you should pick up replacement batteries as this can make the Christmas lights last longer.

Test the lights before using

Now, you should take out the Christmas lights from the box and if required then, untangle them. In case they’re electrical, it is highly recommended to plug the lights into the power outlet to ensure that they’re not physically broken. On the other hand, if lights are battery-powered, press the light switch and ensure that they’re not damaged. 

For the last longer, Plan how to hang the lights

Take a pencil and paper and sketch out how you would like to arrange the lights so that it can last longer. Also, use a measuring tape and identify how far one wall is from another wall. In case, you don’t like the end of the light stand from the outlet, try to hide it behind the coat rack. Besides, you can even artistically arrange it on the wall.

Use tape to secure the position of the lights

The last thing that you have to do is to secure the position of the Christmas lights. For that, place a piece of tape over the wires. Continue to secure the different points until you secure the entire strand.

  • Making a faux Headboard

Buy 2boxes of 300 Christmas lights and then take them out from the box. Plug the lights into the power outlet and test them. If they’re battery-powered, then you should flip the switches to turn them on.

Now, purchase sheer curtains and a curtain rod as per your requirements. The next thing that you have to do is to measure and mark the spot where you wish to hang the curtain road. Let’s take an example, if your bed is 38 inches wide and the curtain rod is 50-55 inches wide, you need a minimum 6 inches gap between the edge of the bed and curtain rod.

Next, make a hole on the walls and hang the curtain rod. To ensure that the curtain rod is straight and secure, you are advised to use a level. 

Once you have assured that the curtain rod is secured, under the curtain rod, insert 20-25 damage-free hanging Command hooks. If you are using electric lights, then plug the one end to the power source to ensure that they last long enough. Put the other end on the first hook.

If you use battery lights, directly put the first end onto the first hook. Take out the curtain rod and insert it into the hole that crosses the top of the sheer curtains. Finally, hang the curtain rod as well as adjust the curtains.

  • Hanging Photos below the Christmas Lights

This is another effective method that you can try to decorate your house with Christmas lights. For that, first, buy a test set of Christmas lights. Then, you need to hang two columns of Command hooks on the wall. 

In case, you purchase an electrical light, plug one end to the power source and put the other end over the highest Command hooks. Also, if you have brought battery-powered lights, put the first end over the first hook and put the second end over the highest hooks installed.

Now, pick some of your favourite photos and just hang them below the light stand. However, you can even hang other items as well, like drawing and concert tickets. This way you can totally decorate your home.


There’s no doubt that by lighting Christmas lights you can definitely give your house and bedroom a completely new look. These are the basic techniques that you can opt for. Apart from this, there are hundreds of new and innovative techniques that you can use to decorate your home with Christmas lights. Call the experts of Handyman Dubai and seek their assistance as most of the work involves electrical usage. So, to avoid any risk, experts are the best choice.