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Home Repair

During the coronavirus pandemic situation, everyone is bound to stay at their respective residence these days, owing to the lockdown policies set by the government. However, at this new norm of social distancing, it becomes a big hassle if you need an immediate home repair service. 

Now, you should always pay heed to your home repairs. It is very crucial to maintain your home from disasters like pipe leaking, clogged drainage issues, washroom flooding, and many more.

Furthermore, the present situation makes professionals and experts’ availability scarce.  However, with proper discussion and planning, these can be executed.  Above all, the only thing precaution that you must consider is to maintain proper hygiene and rules during the repair work.

You can apply DIY hacks too, but before proceeding with the house repairing and maintenance by yourself, you should be well aware of certain aspects. Certain limitations should be precisely followed. 

So, here we have pointed out how to maintain the repairs and at the same time how to consult with the professionals at this COVID-19 situation.

  • Stay updated about the requirements

Firstly, before starting the work examine the issue. You can clean your floors and carpet. However, emergency cases like pipe leaking, malfunctioning of flush require immediately a professional. Judge and analyze the situation and then call then. What is most essential is your and your family’s health and hygiene. Wait or take special measures to reduce the risk of being infected, such as sanitizers, mask and distancing.

  • Get the Assurance Policy

When you are scheduling a repair, probe the enterprise about the CDC guidelines. The screening of workers reduces risk. Company policies must include the proper guidelines for the employees, who are supposed to carry out the repair and maintenance task. Similarly, on the other hand, the company should be responsible to probe into the depth that no one on the premises is infected with this disease.

  • Insist the workers, use Protective Gears

In this Covid-19 pandemic, it is mandatory to wear masks. The repair professionals must wear them. But, you should inform the company priorly about it. Use proper disinfectants to cleanse and sanitize the part where the repair professionals will be working. Mark a place where the professionals can keep their tool kit and other items. After the task is done, you need to apply another spray of disinfectant.

  • Set a quick pathway

If you have any scheduled work at your premises, make the workers enter through the backside door closet. Just inform the service providers at the beginning. For a better and perfect understanding, you can put symbols on the pathways like cloth, cardboards, or newspapers.

  • Secure the operating section

Nobody is aware of how long the pandemic situation will remain. It is better to lessen the contact with the home surfaces by placing items like newspapers or old cloth sheets on the floor, near to the workable area. Cover those areas where the technicians will keep their repair tools.

  • Always keep Handwash and Sanitizer Handy

Hand wash and Sanitizer is mandatory. Proper sanitizing and hand washing is the best remedy to prevent yourself from this virus. Always keep them available in bulks, such as sanitizers, soaps, tissues, and towels, near the workable area. After the work is done, sanitize all the areas. Throw out all the newspapers, cloths used. Pay heed to all the areas touched by the worker while repairing.

  • Maintain Proper Distance while working

Maintain proper distance with the repairer. While working don’t roam around and observe how it is going. As per the CDC guidelines, always try to maintain at least six feet distance or don’t stay in that room unless you are asked for something.

  • Always Request for No Contact Payment

During this situation always avoid Contact Payment. While fixing an appointment with the repairs company ask them about the no contact payment facility. Pay via phone, credit card, or even Internet banking. You can also pay via Smartphone.

Summing up…

It is indeed difficult to sustain a home repair, keeping in mind the present situation. If you are planning to hire a technician for repairs, basic guidelines should be followed. Avoid close contacts, wear disposable masks, use hand soaps, and sanitizers while working. Properly clean and sterilize the areas after the work is done. 

It completely depends on you. If you think the work is minor, then we would suggest avoiding hiring a professional. Otherwise, if you want a flawless finish then professionals who abide by every precaution norms are mostly welcomed.