Are you in need of various services at the same time for your house? It might not seem possible for you to find and book all of them at once.  After all, doing that would be quite a hassle. You would have to go through all the options and choose the right one. Still, it might be necessary for you to get all the services, for various reasons. What if you could just find all that you’re looking for with just one call? We at Handyman can make that possible. For situations like these, we bring to you a wide range of customizable services from repairing to maintenance to installations. For your many problems, we would be ready with an equal number of solutions. Make a booking with your local Handyman Al Barsa any time. 

Range of services that we bring to you

The services that we provide you are of a truly diverse nature. Moreover, you will surely need them at some point. After all, they’re all very relevant to the maintenance of your home. So here are some of the services that we recommend for you:-

  1. Handyman for hire

This service includes a lot of things that are significant for your home, even though they may seem “small”. As our name suggests, this is a service that we specialize in. Therefore, we get a lot of demands for it regularly. So if you need it, you might want to make a booking without any delay. You can use this service for curtain installation, hanging pictures from walls, installing wall shelves, furniture arrangement and installation and many more. 

  1. Appliance repairing and maintenance services

You must be facing a problem with some appliances in your home. After all, it is something that happens more often than we like. There’s no way to stop appliances from having problems, but there can indeed be an effective solution. With us, you can also have appliances replaced and installed, apart from repair. So why not give our services a try? You can make a booking to get lamp fixing, bulb replacement, AC maintenance, security camera installation, and fridge repair among others. 

  1. Plumbing services

Facing problems with indoor plumbing and swimming pools? All you need to do is give us a call. We can provide solutions to all plumbing-related issues such as water leaks, drain cleaning, tap repairs and many more. 

  1. House painting service

Want a new look for your house. Our painting services are customizable for your convenience. What we provide you would be just according to your preferences. It’s you who decides the colour that’ll be used and whether it’ll be applied by brush or roller. However, if you want some advice, we’re happy to provide it.

Contact your local Handyman- Al Barsa

We are open around the clock and throughout the year. After all, you might require the kind of service we provide at any given time. Sometimes, it may also be urgent. In any case, pick up the phone and dial 045864032anytime you need us.