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Colours are more interesting than what you think about them. Take a minute and consider how you gravitate towards a colour while selecting your car, appliances, and other worldly options. Similarly, the colour of your dream house’s interior walls must be the centre of attention. 

However, you have to understand Dubai’s rich, innovative, and culturally diversified palettes before you decide to paint the walls with your favourite colour scheme. Choosing the proper hues, compositions, and the best painting services in Dubai can result in a profound influence on your residential environment’s emotions and atmosphere.

Let’s check out some flexible and timeless colour schemes for your residence in Dubai. Additionally, we will guide you on how you can pick the best colours and hues for your interior.

What are the Best Colour Schemes in Dubai?

Understanding the essence of Dubai’s colour palette is necessary before you look for painting services near me. Overall, Dubai’s design aesthetics are inspired by its affluent cultural heritage and polished lifestyle. On a related note, colours are potent forces in our lives and they can impact both our body and mind.

Due to the abundance of a variety of colours in Dubai, people find it difficult to choose the ideal hues for their interior spaces. You have to be cautious while selecting hues of blue, green, purple, yellow, and more as the wrong palette can create indifference and cause a depressing environment.

Let’s go through the trendy yet classic tones to suit your Dubai’s vibrant and luxurious lifestyle:

1. Neutral Backgrounds

If you pay detailed attention to Dubai’s interiors then you will find most of them to be inclined towards a neutral background. A neutral and non-chaotic background provides a clean canvas for other colour schemes to shine. In addition, painting your interior walls in neutral backgrounds will give your living space more capacity and elegance.

Different hues of whites, soft greys, and creams are ideal as neutral backgrounds. For example, a kitchen painted in a classic grey tone will immediately bring some formality and subtleness. On the other hand, crisp white paint can be the best option for a traditional bathroom. You can even add some splashes of blue to compliment the overall interior. 

Amp up the look with graphic floor tiles while the white shade will serve as the right backdrop for your bathroom. Consult with renowned painting services in Dubai to pick suitable artwork for your interiors from the neutral palette.

2. Jewel Tones

Dubai reminds you of a lavishing lifestyle and you can apply that to your interior wall painting as well. Now, you can infuse an air of opulence by landing on jewel-like colours like sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red, and more.

Undoubtedly, these jewel tones are sufficient enough to turn your walls into a sign of vibrancy and premiums instantly. For instance, with sapphire blue taking centre stage, you can consider different accents of whites for your bedroom. You can consider white upholstery to make your room feel more spacious.

A sassy ruby red will create a dramatic ambience in your kitchen. Additionally, the colour is known for simulating appetite too. So, select the right pop of colour for your interior from jewel tones if you adore Dubai’s prosperity and richness.

3. Earthy Tones

Apart from gleaming skyscrapers and jewellery vaults, Dubai is acknowledged for its desert safaris. If you want to relate to the desert side of Dubai then nothing will be better than earthy tones for your interiors. Now, it’s easy to make Dubai’s desert surroundings reflected through earthy hues, such as:

  • Deep browns
  • Sandy beige
  • Warm terracotta
  • Classic Grey
  • Sage
  • Burnt orange
  • Umber
  • Tan

The convenience of these earthy tones is that they can instantly evoke a sense of comfort and warmth. Additionally, they never go out of style. You can try a monochrome palette such as grey on grey for your living space if you wish for an earthy tone. 

On the other hand, a grey-brown landscape can make your colourful artwork pop. additionally, you won’t find it difficult to integrate your interior design and furniture with an earthy colour scheme. Lastly, if you prefer not too light or too bright colours and find vibrant colours confusing then you can settle for earthy tones after consulting with painting services near me.

4. Metallic Accents

Nothing can match Dubai’s penchant for extravagance than metallic accents for your interiors. So, you can flaunt a hint of opulence and luxury with metallic accents such as silvery, golden, and bronzed tones.

You can infuse metallic accents in the air of your home and combine them with dark colours like plum, bottle green, and more. Metallic paints can be used to add sparkle, shine, and sophisticated finish to your walls. On top of that, most metallic paints are formulated to be water-resistant and durable.

How to Select Interior Paint Colours?

Abundance of a variety of colours can confuse you when it comes to choosing your next interior paint colour. The problem with selecting an interior colour is that it’s much more than your choices. You can’t simply paint your bedroom pink only because you love that colour. 

Instead, you have to count your furniture, interior design, lighting, and more factors to decide on the best colour to compliment your space and make it cosy and inviting. Here are 3 things that you can consider while choosing a palette for your Dubai home interior:

The Size of the Room

How spacious is your room? Well, the dimensions of your room can play a pivotal role in selecting suitable colours. For instance, you can create a sense of openness even in small rooms if you choose lighter shades.

On the other hand, larger areas can appear to be cosier if you stick to a darker colour scheme. Additionally, darker hues can bring warmth to larger spaces in your house.

Natural Light Received by the Interior

Dubai gets an abundance of sunlight. Now, the sunlight can impact how interior colours appear. For instance, spaces that receive enough sunlight can look vibrant even with darker shades. On the other hand, spaces that hardly receive any sunlight can look even darker with bolder tones.

So, you must choose only lighter tones for corners and rooms that barely receive sunlight. Take a moment and walk around your home to inspect how much sunlight your spaces get to pick up the palettes for different rooms individually.

Personal Choices

Thanks to the diverse interior design trends of Dubai, you get to choose from a wide range of colour schemes. After all, your interior paint colours should align with your taste. By the way, you can get inspiration from a painting, a pillow from the couch, or anything already existing in your interior that may have an emotional connection with you.

Or, you can select a colour palette that instantly comforts your eyes. You can imagine how that particular colour scheme would look around your home, fabric, or furnishing. Apart from selecting colours, you have to consider the finish as well. High-gloss, semi-gloss, enamel, textured, and more – there are too many options to choose from.

You can even add accent walls to your living space to heighten your interior aesthetics. For example, add a pop of colour to your white walls. On the other hand, stencilled motifs in contrasting colours will also look ravishing.

Indeed, a subtle combination of beige and light brown will be a great colour scheme for your master bedroom. Are you looking for a conducive work environment for your home office? Try light and neutral shades that can keep you motivated and help you concentrate. Make sure whatever tones you pick they must not distract you.

Understanding the Cultural Influence, Texture, and Materials…

Dubai carries a multicultural heritage and hence, you can draw inspiration from intricate Persian carpets and rugs, cool hues of the Mediterranean, traditional Arabaic patterns, etc. You can refer to the colour wheel to recognise complementary and contrasting colours that work well together.

Harmony among colours and their textures is important for striking pleasant aesthetics. If you are more into contemporary interiors, then consider monochromatic schemes. Make sure that your chosen colour palette and texture go well with diverse materials like leather, velvet, silk, and so on. In this dynamic year, transform your living spaces into inviting and stylish surroundings with personalisation and balance.