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Bathroom Cleaning

Homeowners might think maintaining a cleaned bathroom is a cumbersome process. However, according to the experts, numerous hacks and DIYs can freshen up your bathroom even if you have a fixed budget to spare.

According to George Holland, a design expert, the bathroom is probably the second busiest room in the home after the kitchen. If your bathroom becomes dirty, you can maintain the area by changing some necessary things in and around. For example, replacing the showerhead, buying new towels, and many others. Apart from these, you can perform the below activities and freshen up your washroom.

Transform the Tiles

Sometimes, due to water leakage, you might need to replace the entire wall. However, for that, you have to invest a lot of money. Now, according to George, a design expert, using tiles is a cheap alternative to retailing the wall. You simply spot the area and cut the tile according to the size of the damaged area and fit it to the place. However, you need to ensure that the tiles are dry and free from soap.

Transforming tiles could likewise incorporate a refreshing look to the title ground, which can make a massive change to the look of the washroom. Apart from this, you can even completely replace your floor. If you are using a unique tile pattern, dark grout contests with white tiles can be the perfect alternative.

Use a new layer of paint

According to George, reviving any washroom paintwork can genuinely elevate your bathroom. Hence, you must plash a new layer of paint on the walls. Also, if you want to paint the tiles, you need to purchase the proper paint. It is clear that splashing a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference in the design of your bathroom. Hence, if you think it is the perfect time to clean your bathroom, you can apply this strategy.

Wall Mount

With a shrewd looking divider mounted cleanser, conditioner, you can decrease the mess in your bathroom. Just join the divider near the shower, and after that, you must press a button in order to dispense. Instead of buying toiletry refills every time, you are advised to buy a new plastic bottle, and this will save your money.

For Matching Towels, Use a Wine Rack

Rather than forking out for a towel rail, you should purchase a wine rack and fill it with towels that match the color of your washroom. If you follow this strategy, then without spending a considerable amount of money, you can give a new look to your bathroom. Not sure about the type of rack? Then Handyman Dubai is a safe bet for you.

Add new Shower Curtain

If you add a unique shower curtain, it will definitely change your bathroom look. It is more than clear that, if you match the towels as well as add new shower curtains, then it will be a great experiment with the color and your bathroom will look more bright and refreshing. Also, for an effective but budget-friendly look, you should replace the curtain hooks with gold colors. 

Lighten Up

If you change the lighting of your bathroom, it can provide a fresh look to your bathroom. According to many interior designers, you will get new bathroom wall lights at a very low cost. On the other hand, if you wish to change the lights of the ceilings, you might have to invest a lot of money. And, it looks not as good as compared to the previous one.

Replace the Taps

This is another effective way that you can try to grant a new look to your bathroom. You are advised to replace the old taps with some shiny new taps, and this will provide a unique look to your bathroom. You can use designer taps or match the colours with the wall of your bathroom. If plumbing is not your cup of tea, then call the professional plumber from Handyman Dubai.

Replace the Showerhead

Showerheads are cheap to purchase. Also, with the help of a few tools, you can quickly replace the showerhead. A new showerhead will definitely give a new look to your bathroom. Furthermore, replacing the showerhead is not only a budget-friendly update but also refreshes the bathroom.

Make Bath Shelf

If you make your bath shelf, it will surely increase the beauty of your bathroom. People often use a bath shelf to hold a glass of wine, books, candles, or anything else that you might want to use in the bathroom. At a meager cost, you can purchase a bath shelf. 

If all these sound appealing but out of your reach or budget? Then you can gain professional help from Handyman Dubai, who houses proficient architectures, designers, electricians and many other professionals. They can help you get the best transformation ideas and that too within your budget. So, call them and ask for a quote.