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High-Tech and Reliable Ariston Washing Machine Repair at Your Doorstep

Handyman Dubai is here with quick and reliable repair and maintenance services for your Ariston washing machines. This particular brand’s washers are quite popular in Dubai and its adjacent regions due to advanced technology in action and ease of use. Now, you can easily book an Ariston washing machine repair from us whenever the appliance glitches.

Be the washer not responding to your command or it creating unusual noises, we got you covered. Our handymen are manufacturer-trained technicians and they will get your washing machine up and running in no time.

Apart from their expertise in Ariston washing machine repair Dubai services, we stock original spare parts. Thus, you can retain your peace of mind as our professionals deliver quality repairs at your demand.

So, book our Ariston washing machine repair Abu Dhabi service. You can call us when your Ariston washer breaks down. Get timely service and equipped technicians at your location only from Handyman Dubai.

Common Problems Our Ariston Washing Machine Repair Experts Can Fix

Ariston washing machines are equipped with smart features to make your laundry experience comfortable. However, an unexpected breakdown of your Ariston washer can be devastating and might leave you with a pile of unwashed clothes and worries. Don’t freak out as Handyman Dubai is here with prompt and professional Ariston washing machine repair Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah services.

We offer both repair and maintenance services for Ariston washing machines. Therefore, your washer will serve you for additional years without sudden breakdowns. Additionally, you will get to see your appliance repaired in front of you as we offer on-the-spot services. 

Furthermore, our technicians don’t take much time to run the required diagnostics and execute the right repair. Let’s go through some frequently occurring issues with Ariston washing machines and how our expert team can help you:

Error Codes

Troubleshooting error codes appearing on the Ariston washing machine’s control panel on your own is a difficult and risky job. Let our Ariston washing machine repair Sharjah experts handle these tricky error codes for you. Here are some error codes and what they implement for average Ariston washers:

  • F01 (motor short circuit problem)
  • F02 (jammed motor)
  • F05 (damaged drain pump or jammed pressure switch)
  • F06 (program selector failure)
  • F08 (heater relay activator problem)
  • F17 (door closing issues)
  • F18 (microprocessor error)
  • F30/31 (motor driver failure)

Connect with our reliable and professional handymen to detect the underlying cause of an error since the error code might vary from one washing machine to another. Only knowledgeable technicians will find out the culprit after assessing the condition. Get unfailing diagnosis and repair services for your Ariston washer from us.

Blockage in the Washing Machine Unit

Your Ariston washing machine comes across lint, pet hair, buttons, coins, and more foreign objects during wash cycles. Chances are that these objects can obstacle different units of your Ariston appliance. 

For example, our Ariston washing machine repair Dubai experts have reported the following components that are more likely to get a blockage:

  • Drain filter
  • Drain hose
  • The pipe between the drain filter and the tank
  • Water pump

Now, your washer may stop draining or filling in the water if any of these blockages occur. You can call our technicians to get rid of such clogs instantly. Our handymen will look into the machine and disassemble the right component to remove all debris. 

In addition, they will look for any damage caused by the blockage or malfunctioning of the washing machine. Get 100% working solutions with our Ariston washing machine repair Abu Dhabi expertise.

Fill Valve Failure

The water supply process of your Ariston washing machine will be disrupted if there’s anything wrong with the fill valve or pump. The washer might not get sufficient water or the intake valve may flood the machine even when you don’t connect the equipment to the mains.

Now, that’s a complicated situation and it might harm your washing machine and its other parts. Book an Ariston washing machine repair Sharjah service from us if you encounter a similar problem. Our technicians will investigate the machine and find out if the issue lies with the inlet valve or pump.

If required, our technicians will repair the pump or replace the inlet valve. So, schedule an Ariston washing machine repair from Handyman Dubai to find out if the inlet valve or the drain pump is out of order.

Bearings Falling Out

Are you getting unpleasant noises from your Ariston washing machine lately? Most probably, the bearings of your washer have come loose or received damage somehow. If you don’t take immediate action, a backlash will pop up at the drum and it will start touching the tank.

Seek expert intervention from our Ariston washing machine repair team. They can bring out the damaged bearings, replace them with genuine ones, and proceed with the additional repair. Before repairing anything, our technicians assess your washer minutely to understand the repair and replacement scope.

Thus, your Ariston washing machine is in the safest hands. Call us and get your repair scheduled by our experts today!

Leaky Washing Machine

Spilling water is a very common instance with all front-load washing machines. If the door switch gets faulty or the gasket gets loose over time, your Aristo washing machine will start leaking water. Now, a leaky washing machine is a danger to your well-being.

So, eliminate such dangers by calling our Ariston washing machine repair Dubai professionals. They will replace the door gasket or repair the door switch. Sometimes, the control module of the washer may give out false alarms. Fortunately, our technicians know how to restore your washing machine’s control panel and deliver you a fully functioning appliance in no time.

Therefore, book our service right now and save your appliance from an untimely death.

Heating Element Nuisance

With regular use, your washing machine gets scale build-up all over it as hard water keeps getting into the appliance. As a consequence, the heating element might be covered with the scale. Additionally, the build-up may disable the heating element.

So, your Ariston washing machine won’t be able to wash clothes in the desired water temperature. Moreover, it will affect your machine’s efficiency. Not to mention, your clothes won’t leave the stains. Try our Ariston washing machine repair Abu Dhabi service to restore the heating element functionality back to its highest potential.

Besides this, our technicians will treat your washing machine with the right tools and chemicals to get rid of the scale build-up. In addition, they will take care of the heating element so that it doesn’t get further damage. Moreover, they can replace the heating element and associated components to get the best out of your washing machine.

Models We Fix with Our Ariston Washing Machine Repair Services

Ariston washing machines are versatile in terms of technology, smart features, capacities, and more. However, the best part of our Ariston washing machine repair Dubai service is that our technicians can tackle any model you name. After all, they have completed rigorous training to cover all types of Ariston washers and their working mechanism.

Let’s check out a few Ariston washing machine models our experts have fixed recently:

  • NM10 723 WS EX
  • NLM11 946 SC A EX
  • WMG 721S EX
  • RPG 9447 SX EX
  • NM10 823 SS EX
  • RSG 721 SS EX
  • NS 703U W EX

Why Should You Pick Our Ariston Washing Machine Repair Sharjah Services?

Handyman Dubai offers authorised and professional repair for Ariston washing machines, especially when they are out of warranty. In fact, we have the capacity and skills to handle every model of the Ariston washing machine. Here’s why you should trust our Ariston washing machine repair endeavour to mend your appliance:

Trained and Licensed Handymen

We appoint only skilled, certified, and vetted technicians to repair your Ariston washing machine. After all, we are not ready to compromise on quality repair and your safety.

Genuine Spare Parts

Handyman Dubai stocks only original and competent spare parts for any kind of repair. So, you can get only long-lasting benefits and low energy consumption from your Ariston washer.

On-Site Repair

With Handyman Dubai, you don’t have to leave your home on an errand just to get your washing machine repaired. Instead, our technicians will visit you with the right remedy.

Minimised Downtime

We give you the flexibility to book our Ariston washing machine repair Abu Dhabi service at your convenience. Our technicians are never late to serve our customers. In addition, get the fastest washing machine repair from us when you request for an emergency service.

Reasonable Prices

We never overcharge our customers for the sake of quality standards. Moreover, our professionals will provide you with a cost estimate after a precise diagnosis. You have to pay what’s on the estimate and nothing more.

Schedule an Ariston Washing Machine Repair Service Today!

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