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#1 Apartment Renovation Dubai Services: What are Our Styling Elements?

Dubai Fixing is one of the leading apartment renovation Dubai as it offers personalised interior design and living ideas. Well, the best space planning can do justice to your existing home decor and we are exactly doing that.

Get excellent assistance in minor redesigning and extensive renovation from our industry experts. It’s easy to get valuable suggestions from our apartment interior designers and decorators.

At Dubai Fixing, we are committed to making your apartment luxurious, stylish, and overall functional with the necessary changes. Indeed, our professionals specialise in the following design and construction elements to transform your apartment into the masterpiece you always craved.

Flooring Expertise

Make your residence shine with our trendy flooring ideas and top-notch apartment renovation services in Dubai. Be it about the shade, texture, quality, or durability of the flooring investment, you can assure only the best results from our flooring services.

Our professionals are just a call away from personalising your very own space with high-end flooring options, such as:

  • Laminate flooring
  • Wooden flooring
  • Parquet flooring
  • Covering the apartment floor with carpet
  • Wood effect vinyl flooring and more options

Now, you can elevate the feel of your apartment and walk comfortably with our flooring specialisation. Apart from installation, our experts can repair the seams in the floor with wood filler, sanding, patching, refinishing, etc. 

On the other hand, you can book our apartment renovation service near me and get the damaged portion replaced. So, call us and book an apartment renovation Dubai service right away.

Lighting Services

Your apartment will appear dull without innovative lighting solutions. So, get the best deals for installation, designing, and maintaining your home’s entire lighting scope with our stunning apartment renovation services in Dubai.

Undoubtedly, the right placement of lighting fixtures can enhance nighttime visibility, keep your building’s aesthetic maintained, and maintain a friendly vibe. Now, avail of custom lighting solutions according to your apartment’s interior from Handyman.

We offer an initial consultation, lighting installation, regular maintenance, and repair – all in one place. Whatever the size of the apartment, our technicians are dedicated to providing exceeding-the-expectations outcomes within every budget cap.

Create an immersive and dynamic lighting experience by placing an apartment renovation Dubai service request. Indeed, our professionals understand and value your personality and make sure the lighting reflects your vision. 

For your information, we offer the following lighting services powered by cutting-edge technology:

  • Status lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Interactive lighting
  • Graphics and text lighting

Apart from installing and repairing lighting fixtures, our techies are comfortable with maintenance as well. Let your apartment do the talking with intuitive and functional fixtures with our comprehensive lighting installation, maintenance, and related solutions.

Smart Home Integration

Do you want to control your apartment’s features, activities, and appliances automatically? Enter the world of smart home integration facilitated by Handyman Dubai to make your life easier and better. Apart from automation, you can make your life more secure, convenient, and comfortable with smart home integration.

Indeed, smart home integration has become a major part of apartment renovation services in Dubai if you want to upgrade the look and practicality of your residence. At Handyman Dubai, our professionals can install and set up smart home appliances in the following areas:

  • Lighting control
  • Appliances control
  • Fire alarms, sparkling systems, security alerts or any other security system control
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Outdoor lawn irrigation
  • HVAC system

On the other hand, introducing smart home integration into your home will help you save big on your energy utility bills. So, you can move a step forward towards sustainability and functionality with our devoted apartment renovation Dubai facilities.

Wallpaper Services

Standard painting services are sufficient for an apartment makeover. However, wallpapers can be more durable and innovative if you look at the long-term benefits. We at Handyman Dubai offer incredible wallpaper installation and removal services to give your apartment a fresh look without the hustle and bustle of dust, mess, etc.

Adorn your space with vibrant and aesthetic wallpapers to transform your apartment into a dreamy space. Give your apartment an enchanted look along with the uplift it deserves only by scheduling an appointment with our apartment renovation Dubai team.

Let our professionals give you a smooth canvas to reflect your personality along with the following benefits:

  • Affordable wallpaper services
  • No availability issue for guaranteed
  • Custom wallpaper services
  • Any type of wallpaper installation and removal supported (including vinyl, foil, murals, printed, flock, 3D, fabric, fibreglass, and more)

The market has options galore and we can help you choose the right wallpaper palette. So, get in touch with our apartment renovation service near me.

Furniture & Upholstery Elements

Revamp your outdated apartment with the required furniture upgrade from Handyman Dubai. Our professional and certified designers help you choose the most suitable elements of a luxury apartment.

Our team of qualified renovation contractors make sure that your interior matches your furniture, upholstery, and their placements. Be it a minor remodelling or a complete redesigning, get every renovation done at affordable pricing only from Handyman Dubai.

Apart from furniture assembly and arrangement, you can get furniture repair polishing, and maintenance services from us. We comply with every project with safety and quality standards. We appoint a supervisor to monitor everything and provide you with a stress-free experience.

So, hire our group of skilled remodelers and designers and discover the perfect match for your interior in terms of furniture and upholstery.


Are you thinking about the materials, budget, timeline, and more associated with your apartment renovation Dubai project? Trust Handyman Dubai for excellent planning and precise execution. Tell us your requirements along with your budget and our experts will plan your renovation accordingly.

Be it your workspace remodelling, a bathroom revamp, or a kitchen remodelling – permits are necessary, especially when you’re expanding. Don’t worry as Handyman Dubai can help you retain the required documents for the apartment upgrade.

Besides that, you can avail of both cosmetic and structural changes by hiring our contractors. They can plan, organise, and coordinate the project and keep you updated from time to time. Let our professionals make the perfect use of your space without hampering its functionality and transform it into your sanity.

On the other hand, our experts use natural and bright elements wherever possible. Also, they are experts in maintaining the provided timeline for a secure and updated apartment renovation. Hence, you can call our team of apartment renovation dubai planners and contractors for a project which is ahead of its time.

Advantages of Apartment Renovation in Dubai

Give your apartment an appealing makeover with a planned renovation service from Handyman Dubai. However, why should you consider an apartment renovation Dubai service in the first place? In the extravagant and vibrant culture of Dubai, you can consider remodelling your apartment, condo, or studio apartment for the following reasons, apart from enhanced aesthetics:

Boosted Property Value

It’s not a hidden secret anymore that Dubai’s real estate industry is dynamic. Since property values can fluctuate depending on its looks and functionality. Now, it’s imporant to renovate your residence or apartment with proven strategies. Otherwise, a DIY renovation might fail to provide you with the anticipated real estate return value.

So, invest in our carefully crafted apartment renovation in Dubai and make your apartments more attractive to tenants and potential buyers. Indeed, you can ask for a higher rental or selling price with a modern update of your property. Contact our renovation team to get substantial financial returns.

Improved Functionality and Comfort

An accurately planned remodelling can efficiently escalate the functionality and comfort of your apartment. Now, it’s easy to make your living space more practical and comfortable with quick and significant renovation ideas, such as:

  • Adding more storage options such as cabinets, vanities, and more
  • Upgrading or expanding your kitchen
  • Renewing your bathroom looks

While Dubai’s vogue demands can take a toll on your lifestyle, keep your apartment well-deigned. Thus, you can keep your daily life more enjoyable. Since your apartment turns into a user-friendly residence, you can save time and effort on daily tasks like organising your belongings, cooking, cleaning, and more.

Request an apartment renovation Dubi consultation with our experts and discover the potential scope.

Peace of Mind for Sure

How can an apartment renovation secure your peace of mind? Now, you can make your studio apartment or 6 BHK residence stronger in terms of security with remodelling. Indeed, renovation often includes the integration of smart home appliances and security systems.

Thus, your apartment stays safer. In addition, your home avails of more face value due to such security and functional upgrades. Therefore, book our apartment renovation service in Dubai and experience the difference.

Energy Efficiency Raised

Technological advancements are crucial for your apartment, as well. However, if not properly executed, your home improvements may require more energy and it can increase your expenditure.

However, home renovation Dubai services can be an energy-saving resolution. For example, your home will get improved insulation with renovation services. So, your air conditining unit doesn’t have to work harder.

Additionally, incorporating smart devices will keep your lighting and other electrical features under control. When no one’s around, the appliances will stop working. So, you can make an energy-efficient home with higher return value and enchanted looks by hiring certified apartment renovators from Handyman Dubai.

Awaited Change

Does your apartment feel boring and tedious to you? Living in a home with same old design can be mundane. So, you can opt for a quick apartment revamp with our dedicated team of planners, decorators, and designers.

Upgrade your entire home to positively impact your lifestyle and cheer up your mood. Additionally, an immediately upgraded space gives you a clean and lovely environment to maintain. Admire the changes in your apartment design and layout by scheduling an appointment with our renovation planners.

Our supervisor will verify the utilities and inspect all the style elements so that the upgrade process goes on smoothly. Moreover, you can avoid household issues and risks with the renovation service.