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Zabel has the best local community across the United Arab Emirates. It contains two sub-communities – Zabeel 1 and Zabeel 2. In both of these Za’abeel communities, there are plenty of villas and townhomes. Moreover, this place comprises renowned business hubs across Dubai. Zabel has also become one of the prime tourist spots. But, during the summer, in Za’abeel 1, the temperature rises to 43-degree celsius. In Zabel 2, the temperature remains somewhat between 42-47 degrees celsius. 

To beat this summer heat, the residents over here have installed energy-efficient AC. But due to the extreme dust exposure, these home appliances might stop responding suddenly. You might find plenty of AC repair companies in Dubai, but choosing the right one can be difficult. Simply, join hands with Handyman Dubai, we are a leading AC repair company. We have teamed up with skilled and experienced technicians who have immense repair skills. So, join hands with us and save the costly repair expenses. 

Broad Spectrum of AC Repair Za’abeel Services, Handyman Dubai Offers:

Improper installation and inadequate AC servicing can cause a lot of damage in the long run. And, as a result, you might end up spending a huge amount of money on AC repairs. But there’s nothing to fret over when Handyman Dubai is here to assist you. Whether the device is refusing to turn on or making any noise, contact us in the first place. After going through an in-depth analysis, we will replace or repair the broken AC parts. And, here is the list of the AC-related problems our technicians can effectively deal with:

Drainage Issues:

In the hot-humid climate of Za’abeel, coming across drainage problems is quite common. Usually, when the condenser drain gets clogged and does not drain properly, this AC problem occurs. Sometimes, when the room ACs aren’t mounted properly, you can experience drainage issues. Thus, our prior attention goes to inspecting the condensate drain and mounting level. And, if there are any issues, we will figure out the source of the problem and fix them at the earliest possible. 

Sensor-related Glitches:

Almost every air conditioner comes with a thermostat sensor that measures the air temperature. And, if somehow this sensor becomes defective, the AC won’t stop cycling. Simply, visit our website and share the AC-related requirements and get instant support from our veteran technicians. 

Electrical Failure:

Due to an unwanted electrical breakdown, the air conditioning system can become dysfunctional. Usually, when the HVAC system is oversized, this sort of problem triggers the most. If you find any wear and tear in the compressor and the fan, let us know. We will reach out to the mentioned location and repair the AC-related problems within a stipulated time. 

Leakage Issues:

Is the AC unit leaking? Then, probably it is caused because of the clogged or disconnected drain lines. Moreover, the frozen evaporator coil or cracked drip pan can also result in water leakage issues. Connect with us and overcome these sorts of AC problems from the ACs of residential and commercial places.

Additional AC Repair Za’abeel Services, We Provide:

Handyman Dubai has become a reputable service provider by replacing and repairing a few more essential AC parts. Do you want to know what those are? Here we have mentioned a list of AC repair services our professionals offer in Za’abeel:

  • Blower replacement and repair
  • Compressor replacement and repair
  • Air filter replacement and repair
  • Thermostat replacement and repair

Why Should You Consider Booking Our AC Repair Za’abeel Services?

Starting from Samsung to Fujitsu, we repair every brand of AC that is available in Za’abeel. All you need to do is mention the AC’s model number and the problem that you are experiencing. Based on that our professional technicians will repair the faulty parts with advanced tools and equipment. Our AC repair experts have also received positive feedback from more than 40+ customers. So, don’t wait! Spend a few AEDs and get the best repair outcome. 

Certified AC Repair Za’abeel Service Experts are a Call Away:

Do you have any queries about our services? Feel free to call us at 045864032 and get instant clarification from our customer support team now.