ac repair Jumeriah Lake Tower

Air conditioners have various components in them that can develop faults over time. Ignoring any problems in it can shorten your appliance’s life. So you must find a lasting solution for them. We at Handyman-Dubai offer you a skilled repair service for a wide range of air conditioner malfunctions. Reach out to us for an efficient AC repair Palm Jumeirah.

Common problems that need a professional solution

There are many annoying issues that can show up on your AC. Here are some of the common ones that we deal with expertly:-

  • Fails to start

A clogged fan or condenser might cause this malfunction. We can repair or replace these components anytime.

  • Unusually long cycles

This issue might mean that it’s time to change your filter. We can provide you with a new one within a very short time.

  • Stopped while working

Apart from blown fuses, this problem often indicates a faulty thermostat. We can accurately diagnose the issue and provide the appropriate solution for it.

  • Water leaks

Your AC may leak water due to a damaged drip pan or drain lines. In that case, you can call us immediately for an urgent repair.

  • Doesn’t cool

A broken compressor is one of the most likely causes of this issue. Sometimes it may indicate a refrigerant, which is very harmful to you. So you must call us immediately to inspect your appliance.

  • Works loudly

This problem is a clear indication that your appliance needs proper maintenance. We can provide that at a very reasonable price.

AC models that we can fix

Service centres can provide repairs for only a particular brand of AC. But we offer you the same for all brands popular in Dubai. So you can contact us to repair all models manufactured by Carrier, Voltas, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Aftron, Akai, Hitachi, Haier, Super General, Aux, O General, Hisense, Daikin, Blue Star, Elekta, and others.

AC repair Jumeirah Lake Tower: How we proceed

You can access our services easily and get all the repairs your AC requires. For that, you have to go through the following procedure:-

  • Make a booking

You don’t have to visit us and can simply call us to book our services. After that, we can send an expert to your location within a short time.  

  • Inspection and repair

We’ll check your AC thoroughly for any problems within a very short time. Then we’ll get on with the repair and finish it as soon as possible.

  • Payment

After the repair, you can try out your AC and pay us with any of the methods we accept.

Why you need us

We are at a leaving position when it comes to appliance repairs. We have the following things to offer you:-

  • Round-the-clock service

You can always count on us for Ac repairs as we’re available 24/7 for your help.

  • Skilled technicians

We have a certified and well-trained team of technicians with extensive technical knowledge of appliances.

  • Fast and efficient repair

Looking for a quick solution for your AC malfunctions? We can make sure your AC becomes perfectly functional again within the shortest possible time.

  • Quality replacement  parts

We can provide high-quality replacements for all the faulty components in your AC.

  • Reasonable costs

Worried about high AC repair costs? Give our services a try if you want a good-quality solution at a very reasonable price.

Ring us for AC repair Jumeirah Lake Tower

We’re always ready to help you out with AC problems. Dial 045864032 and tell us your requirements. We can also help you with any queries.