When they perform without any issues, you can operate the latest AC models quite easily. But they can become as complicated to deal with when they malfunction. In such cases, you need reliable and professional help to get a solution. We at Handyman-Dubai offer you a range of appliance repair services. Our services include a range of solutions for AC malfunctions. So give our professional AC repair Al Quoz a try and you won’t regret it. 

Recurrent AC malfunctions we can fix

We have dealt with all kinds of AC malfunctions. In our experience, the following are some common AC issues and we can provide optimal solutions for them. 

1. Doesn’t cool

This issue often indicates a dirty air filter.  So contact us to get a quality replacement filter within short notice. 

2. Starts and stops randomly

This is another problem that shows dirt accumulation inside the appliance. Our experts can make an accurate diagnosis and we’ll provide an appropriate solution based on that. 

3. Temperature issues 

This problem often occurs due to a faulty thermostat. So we can provide a quality replacement or lasting repair, based on the requirement. 

4. Stops while running

This issue mostly indicates a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If you give us a call, we can provide a required solution for this within a short time. 

5. Leaking 

This problem may show up due to a damaged drip pan (water) or coil (refrigerant). In any case, we can find the problem within a very short time and fix it. 

6. Unusual sounds

This is never a good sign from your AC. Contact us for inspecting your AC as soon as possible to minimize any damage. 

AC models that we repair

Our technical team can fix AC models from all brands that are popular in Dubai. These include wall and split ACs made by Haier, Hitachi, Carrier, Samsung, LG, Daikin, Nikai, Daewoo, Eurostar, Hisense, Super General, O General, Voltas, Nobel, Akai, and others. 

How we provide AC repair Al Quoz

Is your AC giving you any trouble? With us, you can get a lasting solution for it with the following steps:- 

1. Book a repair

Call us and let us know the issue you’re facing. We’ll send an expert to inspect our appliance. 

2. Diagnosis

Our expert will thoroughly inspect your appliance and find out all issues in it within minutes. 

3. Fixing the issue

Our technicians will get to work immediately and finish the repair within a reasonable time. Then you can try and test your appliance. 

4. Pay for the service

We allow various payment methods for your convenience. So you can pay us with any of them after the repair. 

Why trust us with your AC problems?

We are a leading provider for AC repair Al Quoz. With us, you get the following benefits along without services:- 

1. Highly trained technicians

We have an experienced and well-trained workforce for dealing with all your appliance problems. 

2. Available around the clock

We understand you may need an appliance repair anytime. So we provide a 24 x 7 service to our customers. 

3. Easy booking

With us, you can hire an AC repair quickly and without any hassles. 

4. Fast and efficient repair

We waste no time in proceeding with your requests and fulfil them as soon as possible. 

5. Pocket-friendly charges

Our range of AC repair services is available at a very reasonable and affordable price. 

Buzz us for AC repair Al Quoz

Looking for a professional repair for your AC? We are just a phone call away. Ring us at 045864032 and let us know your instructions and queries.