Trusted and Dedicated Handyman Services in Dubai Near Me

Handyman Dubai offers you a diverse range of repair and home maintenance services in Dubai. A handyman is more efficient than you think if you hire a professional from us.

Whether it is your apartment, villa, office, factory, or warehouse we have extended our reach anywhere in Dubai. From washing machine repair to furniture assembly,  water leakage repair to tile flooring installation, grab every efficient handyman service in Dubai under our single roof.

Paired with improved tools and techniques, our best handyman services Dubai Near Me professionals will reach you immediately after you book a service. Avail hassle-free handyman services Dubai only from us.

Why do you need Dubai Handyman Professional Services?

Because of our happy clients, we are regarded as Dubai’s top handyman service in Dubai. All of our handymen have trade certifications and years of expertise, so you can count on the highest calibre of work. It’s vital to note that we continue to provide services of consistently high quality. One of the first few handymen in Dubai, we began operating over ten years ago.

HandyMan Service Dubai, We Offer

Handy man Dubai experts are trained and certified in performing a large variety of repairs and tasks. A professional best handyman services dubai will offer you remarkable assistance, peace of mind and saving on unwanted requirements. 

So, let’s have a look at the reasons why you need professional service.

Considering your Safety

A key reason why professional services are helpful is that they offer you additional safety. It can cause serious injury while you are working on certain repairs, like pressure washing and roof cleaning or replacement. 

On the contrary, due to their work experience, Handyman service Dubai experts are less likely to get injured during their tasks. Moreover, Dubai Handyman service near me Sharjah, Dubai experts also ensure that every tool is used appropriately. 

So, a professional service will ensure that no one else is in trouble when finishing a task. 

Reduces Risks

A professional Cheap Handyman Dubai Team reduces the risks that you may run into will fixing a wooden infrastructure or any pipeline. They ensure that your property does not go through severe damage even in the future. 

They ensure that you and your family are safe. In addition, professional service providers know what is best for your property and take respective measures to accomplish service. 

Save your money

Surprisingly, you can save more money by hiring a professional handyman services in dubai. There is no guarantee that when you complete the repairs on your own and the expenses can become skyrocket. 

So, a professional service will save you money on a long-term basis since you won’t have to continue resolving it. And, mostly, these services come in packages. You get the chance to grab the best deal.


Handyman Dubai

Affordable Price

Call Now for Best HandyMan Services in Dubai at very Affordable Price.

expert worker

Expert Worker

HMSD always provide Expert Worker for Home Maintenance Work.

all over dubai

All Over Dubai

We are Professional and provide services anywhere in Dubai.

24/7 services

24/7 Services

Our Expert Electrician & Plumber provide 24/7 Emergency Service



Local Handyman for Drilling Nails, Blinds Curtain Hanging, TV Wall Bracket Mounting, Photo Frames & Shelves Hanging on wall.


Professional Carpenter for Gypsum Partition Making, Ikea Furniture Assembling, Bed Repair, Hinges Lock & Handles Fixing.


Expert Plumber for Leak Fixing, Water Heater Repair, Water Pump Repair, Kitchen Tap Toilet Shower Repair & Bath Tub Replace.

sewar guy

Expert Sewer Guy for Blocked Drain Open, Main Hole Clean, Unblock Toilet, Kitchen Sink Block Clear & Bath Tub Drain Pipe open.


Professional Electrician for Emergency Short Circuit Fixing, Lamp & Chandelier Hanging, Socket Install & DP Box Breaker Change.


Expert Technician for HVAC Chiller Central AC Repair. Air Conditioner Leak Repair, AC Filter Duct Clean & Servicing.


Professional Technician for Fridge & Commercial Restaurant Refrigerator, Fridge Repair, Fridge Gas Refill & Compressor Change.

washing machine

Expert Technician for Washing Machine Repair any where in Dubai. Washing Machine Water block & Water Leak Fixing.


IP Camera Networking

Internet Wall Socket Replace, Villa or Office Networking, CCTV IP Camera Installation, IPBX Telephone & Wifi Installation.


Moving Services

Office Villa or Apartment Moving Service in very professional Way. All Size of Moving Truck Available any where in Dubai.

Leading the way in Maintenance



Project Completed



Happy Clients



Expert Workers

How to Book Our Emergency Handyman Dubai Professional Services ?

Hiring a handy man dubai maintenance professional service can help you finish your work more efficiently and much faster. In Handy man Dubai, we offer on-site repair and maintenance service to our customers.

Our experts are always ready to support and fix your problems. So, hiring our professional service will ensure that you get the best solution for your home or workplace. 

Call Us 

We, at Dubai handyman services near me, are available for 24/7 emergency best handyman services Dubai. Moreover, we offer professional service, regardless if you need carpentry service or you need electrical services, without any downtime. 

All you have to do is call us at 045864032 to get the best professional service at your location. Our professional service is just a call away.

Mail Us

Handyman Service Dubai experts have enough skills to fix hanging and drilling work at your site in a minimum time. Thus, a lot of tasks are there for which you must need professional services. So, drop a mail at: [email protected] to inform us about your problems. 

You can ask for a quote and then book our professional service. After your confirmation, our experts will arrive at your location and perform the necessary tasks to fix the problem. 

Connect us via WhatsApp

Need professional services at your doorstep? Handyman Dubai service provides a wide range of on-site professional services within an affordable package. 

Besides phone and Email, Cheap Handyman Dubai is also available on Whatsapp. Text us on WhatsApp at +971509591235 and share your service requirements.

We will provide the easiest way to book the service and our best resources to resolve your problems. Ask for a free quote today, and check what makes our professional service quick and affordable.


Getting best services of Drilling and Hanging:

Drilling and making measurements are important when it comes to hanging the right painting and mirror. We can like wise provide professional workers that do Drilling Installing Hanging work. Install mirrors to make an optical illusion. Hanging pictures according to the room appearance is important. We drill holes with precision and making sure all job done in a neat and clean manner.

Tools and Equipment for Drilling and Hanging:

You do not have required tools and equipment? You want to hang a shelve or drill to hang a picture? Handyman Dubai services is for you. The special thing that attracts you to gain our services that we do our services with your pocket range and you can avail our service in a very short amount so that you have not to come. All you do is to make a call and approach a handyman.

Big Photo Frames Hanging on Wall:

For Big frame hanging you want a handyman that is trained and experienced. HMSD give you Dubai handyman service needed for big frame hanging. Our services available for you any time you want. At your Villa or place where you want assistance for big frame hanging our handyman is there for you at just one call. If you need a photo frame hanging our acknowledged handyman comes to you and assist you. Our handyman knows photo frame hanging and give you best services.

TV Wall Brackets Installation:

We do Installation of TV Brackets. All of us desired to make our Villa/Apartment a proper place and every one need a TV/LCD hanging in a wall in your private room and living room spare. Our handyman services Dubai have skilled handyman that can-do drilling and hanging work with perfection. We install any size of TV starting from 32 inches upto 75 Inches. We also supply different types of TV Brackets ranging from simple still stand to Flexible TV bracket. You just call our number we sent the handyman that is located nearer to your place. Handyman comes to you and assist you.

Best way to Hang Pictures on Wall:

Handyman from HMSD show you the easiest way to know where to put your Nails so that you can get them in where you want them. Handyman decided approximately where you wanted the first picture to go. By putting little mark with pencil our handyman knows the best way to hang pictures.

Drilling and Hanging Mirrors on Wall:

For hanging mirrors you can book our Handyman. Hanging mirrors is necessary for Apartment, Villa, in office room and if it is hanged in a professional way it looks straight and good. Our first priority is to assist you in cheap way and big to small services like hanging mirrors is also done by our professional handyman. You can book our handyman for Hanging mirrors.

Book our Handyman Dubai Services with a Call

We never compromise with the quality of the service. That’s why we have built up a quick-response team of professional and experienced handymen in Dubai. We are just a call away. Call us at 045864032 and share your requirements with our customer service executives. Furthermore, avail our eminent handyman services Dubai without waiting in a queue of service. Join our handyman Dubai service network, today!

Our Happy Clients Say

FAQs About HandyMan Services

Handyman Service Offered by US

Handyman-dubai provide Home Maintenance Services in Dubai for your Apartment, Villa, and Office. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for any handyman drilling, hanging, or mounting work, electrical short circuit troubleshooting, electric fixtures, or machine installation.

  • Door Knob Repair
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Hanging
  • TV Mounting
  • Curtains / Blind Install”

What You can Expect from Handyman Dubai Professionals ?

1. Tool Kit for required service

2. On Time & Professionally Trained to do her Job Efficiently

3. Neat & Clean, Always in Uniform

4. No Overcharging / taking extra time to complete the job

5. Leaving the area as found before starting the job

6. Skilled workers in their respective fields

7. No talking on the phone / wasting time during the service

Steps to Hiring a Handyman in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our handyman provides a wide range of services, including home repairs, maintenance, painting, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and more. Just Call our TollFree Number 045864032

Reasons Why You Must Consider Hiring a Handyman Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Some people simply have an excessive desire to complete household activities on their own, even when they lack the necessary knowledge to do so. Our handyman Dubai Team provides a wide range of services, including home repairs, maintenance, painting, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and more.

What Services Does a Handyman Dubai, United Arab Emirates Provide?

You can engage a handyman in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for a variety of odd chores, from tiny tasks to building maintenance work. They provide services for all types of minor home maintenance tasks, including plumbing, carpentry, and other trades.

Cost of Hiring a Handyman Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Depending on a number of variables, including the type of work, the expert’s experience, the materials needed for the project, etc., the cost of hiring a handyman may fluctuate from one professional to another, including handyman, carpentry, plumbing, etc.

What does AC maintenance typically include?

AC maintenance usually involves cleaning coils, checking refrigerant levels, inspecting components, and ensuring proper airflow.

Is your handyman licensed and insured in Dubai?

Yes, We can be confident in the competent and dependable services provided by our handyman because he is completely licensed and insured.

Do you offer emergency handyman services near me UAE?

Yes, we recognize that some repairs need to be done quickly, and we provide emergency handyman services when necessary.

Are your handyman's services available in Sharjah for both residential and commercial properties?

Obsolutely! In Dubai, we offer handyman services near me  for both residential and business premises.

Is there a warranty on handyman services in Sharjah

Yes, We back up the quality of our work and offer a warranty on our handyman services.