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If you are a refrigerator user, then you will understand the importance it provides these days. Refrigerators are expensive electrical machines that require proper maintenance and handling. Still, no brand can assure you an error-free refrigerator that won’t show any sign of repair during its lifetime. In case your refrigerator is having any issues, then feel free to connect with us at Handyman Dubai. We offer a fridge repair service for all brands of refrigerators available in the market of Dubai. 

Problems Covered under Our Fridge Repair Dubai:

We at Handyman-Dubai have received the following issues both from commercial and individual customers:

Torn Gasket or Sealed Door

If your refrigerator has a torn gasket or sealed door, then the cold will leak out from the refrigerator. Thus, the refrigerator will consume more power to maintain the temperature inside. As the refrigerator struggles to cool down your food, it puts pressure on the compressor. So, if you don’t repair the torn gasket then, it might damage the compressor adversely. Thus, you can get in touch with our technicians. 

Refrigerator Light isn’t Working

Refrigerators contain a light that helps us to view the food items that are kept inside. So, when the light does not work, you cannot see the internal environment. Change the bulb to check whether it is working correctly or not. If the light doesn’t turn on after changing the bulb then, the socket terminal is most likely to have damaged components. Contact us so that we can check whether the terminal is bent or discolored. In case we find cracks inside the socket, then we will fix it with our available tools. If everything is fine, then we will repair the refrigerator switch. 

Noisy Compressor

The compressor installed on refrigerators makes a very faint noise. Thus, something is wrong when strange noises are coming out from your refrigerator. The compressor might be unable to maintain the internal gas pressure and causing this noise. Moreover, the problem might be associated with the fan inside the compressor. So, let our professionals look into the matter and fix the issue instantly. 

Defrost Issues

Unlike traditional refrigerators, advanced refrigerators start the defrost mechanism when needed. So, if the defrost thermostat is faulty, then it won’t sense the temperature of the coils. As a result, the defrost cycle won’t start and melt the ice. If nothing is wrong with the defrost thermostat, then the defrost timer isn’t working. Thus, we will do the necessary repairs and solve the problem. 

Refrigerator Not Cooling

The refrigerator is of no use if it cannot maintain the desired temperature. Refrigerators won’t cool if the fan inside the thermostat stops working or the gasket is torn. Thus, you need to check the gasket and reach us if the problem lies within. We will then check the fan blade and replace them if essential. 

Refrigerator Consuming Too Much Power

It is very much unusual if your refrigerator suddenly begins to consume too much power. Such a situation can arise when one or more internal components are faulty. Perhaps the thermostat is unable to function properly and putting pressure on the compressor. It, in turn, is forced to work with effort and increases electricity consumption. Therefore, avail our fridge repair service and resolve this problem by today only. 

Reach a User-friendly Support for Fridge Repair Dubai!

Our technician at Handyman-Dubai has years of experience in the fridge repair service industry. They are certified in this field of work and listen to customer grievances for 24*7. We work within tight schedules and accomplish our work before the deadline. Furthermore, there are separate provisions for emergency services. We use genuine replacement parts that bear a warranty period. Along with this, a guarantee period will be added to our service. You can also obtain refrigerator maintenance tips from our professionals. Finally, you don’t have to take the effort to reach the fridge repair service near me. Instead, we will visit your place and finish the work on the very same day.